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    britt200408 posted:
    I just had my ultrasound on Monday and all is good, got to hear that heartbeat! So I'm officially joining this board and getting excited now. I'm at 8wks5days today with due date May 24, but will be a scheduled c-section due to previous history and complications with DS. So at least I know I won't have to be overdue!

    History: We decided to start trying for #2 in July 2011, had a m/c and d&c 11/11/11. I was on the ttc after loss board for a while and it was rough waiting for that bfp, but now I'm here and so so ready to hold my LO!
    CaylaAndBrandonBlue responded:
    Congratulations && Best Of Luck To You && Your Family(:
    vybe77 responded:
    Hey Girl,

    I'm so happy for you and hope you continue to get only great news
    I joined the board already even though I am only 5w3d today but my reasoning is this: if I do m/c again I want to have been able to enjoy this pregnancy and share my good news with you ladies.
    My 1st appt. is Nov. 6th although this will be only a routine OB appt. I probably won't get an u/s but will def. be asking for one. I will be 8 weeks by then is it possible to hear the heartbeat with the doppler at 8 weeks?
    britt200408 replied to vybe77's response:
    We announced the pregnancy when I was not even 6 weeks, for basically the same reasons you have. I can definitely understand why people wait, but for us we wanted to really get excited and enjoy it! Plus, if I did have another m/c, I wouldn't want to try to hide that from my family anyway.

    My doctor said he is a fan of early ultrasounds just to assess the viability and fetal age, because it is too early to hear the heartbeat with the doppler in the first trimester. I'm not sure if it's 100% impossible to hear it, but I'm sure it's really difficult. Hopefully you can get an early ultrasound because it really helped to ease my fears! It felt like forever waiting 3 weeks for my first appointment, so I hope the next few weeks go quick for you and you get great news.
    Brittanie(24), DH(25), DS(4), m/c 11/11, LO due 5/24/13!
    hgreenwood7058 replied to vybe77's response:
    yay ladies I am so happy for both of you. Vicky as far as hearing the hb if they do an u/s and they have a good u/s machine its possible to hear the hb otherwise you can see it on the u/s. You wouldn't be able to hear the hb yet unless you were farther along. Some people have said as early as 9 weeks but thats a push. Most of the time its later and people get freaked out if they can't hear it at that point via doppler. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to hear it when I was 10w2d for my 1st appt and of course I was also alone too but was able to. I took got an early u/s to ease my mind. It was about 2 weeks before my new ob appt but I work for the medical center and work with a lot of the providers so that provider said I could do it early. I got to see the hb where as last time I didn't get to so that was a huge relief. You should be able to hear it no later than 12 weeks generally speaking via doppler unless its a cruddy one. An at home doppler it was closer to 14 weeks for me.I bought one for piece of mind so when I would get scared I would listen.
    Heather(24),DH Lee(25). PCOS w Hemmoragic cysts. BFP:1/23/11 M/C 2/10/11. Carson Lee born 3/31/12. Love this little man with all my heart
    vybe77 replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
    Well ladies I am def. thinking of going to the ER again for peace of mind because in the last 48 hrs it seems like all my beginning symptoms have fallen is the third day where I simply do not feel pregnant whatsoever..I know I might be freaking out a little (and maybe for no reason) but I read online that morning sickness reduces the risk of m/c by almost 70%..after confirming the pregnancy (last Sat.) I started to feel some symptoms such as sore breasts/nipples a little back discomfort and I was already starting to pee more often but in the last few days all of these symptoms have left me and I am wondering again if maybe there is something wrong..I am so scared of going in to see a Dr. and have tell me again that my levels are low..I was trying to take things easy this time and wait to see what happens w/o making myself all stressed out..
    My last two losses I started spotting at 6w and 6 1/2w respectively..people have been telling me to just wait it out since I will be 6w on Mon. and so that might be when I would notice if something is going on..
    I just don't feel pregnant at all
    britt200408 replied to vybe77's response:
    Sorry you're worried, but it's to be expected, right? I'll let you know that I felt the same way the first few weeks. I didn't have many symptoms other than breast tenderness until about 6 1/2 weeks, then it was like one day someone turned on the morning sickness switch and it was intense, all day every day! I have been feeling a little bit better lately, and I will have days where I wake up and feel perfectly fine for a few hours and that freaks me out every time.

    I would say do what you feel you need to do to make yourself comfortable. I strongly considered going to the ER before my appointment, so I understand! It's a scary thing and I think no matter what, we'll always have something to worry about until we get our LO in our arms.

    Keep us posted either way.
    Brittanie(24), DH(25), DS(4), m/c 11/11, LO due 5/24/13!

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