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Deli meats during pregnancy..
vybe77 posted:
I've read up online about the dangers of eating deli meats while pregnant.. the debate goes on and on about it..Dr's say it's a no-no unless you heat up the meat first..other people say they've eaten it (raw) and they and their babies were fine..
The reason I'm putting this out there is that I made the mistake of eating some cooked bologna last night and didn't think about it while doing it.. only later did the memory float back to me about it..needless to say I am worried about it now..
I remember eating at Subway a few times (during me last pregnancy) and when I do eat there I toast my subs but my last pregnancy did end in m/c so could it have been because of that?!!
sambosilver responded:
I think the major concern is eating it all the time. There are a whole list of foods they say you should avoid. With my first two, I avoided nothing! And my boys were nothing less than perfect. Good luck...try not to worry too much.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
I think once or twice will probably not hurt you but its strongly recommended not to eat deli meats without heating them (then eating them right away) because of the risk of listeria. If you get Listeria it will attack your unborn baby. There are certain meats though that are not as bad as other. I want to say ham is not as bad as others but I can't remember off the top of my head. A lot of people say this did this and that during their pregnancies and were fine but in my case I wasn't going to risk it. I didn't want to be the one case where I didn't follow the rules and got burned. I did a couple times without thinking about it but for the most part I stuck with it. Just like did you know radishes and sprouts like alfalfa because the bacteria can actually grow in the seed itself. Also be careful of ceasar dressing from restauraunts. If they make homemade you want to be sure they don't use uncooked eggs. I toasted my subs at subway quite a bit during my pregnancy and I was okay so I don't think it was necessarily that. Hugs and best wishes. Oh and one more thing. Take a deep breath. Positive thoughts!
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