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Getting Pregnant after 2nd loss
Briane1021 posted:
I got pregnant back in August and Miscarried naturally at 5 weeks. Them I had gotten pregnant again right after in Septmeber only to miscarry again at 10 weeks. When I went in to my first appointment everything was fine but when I went in for my 2nd checkup My Dr couldn't find a heartbeat which was a little hard to handle since I felt like everything was fine.. I had a D&C last week and everything went well. My husband wants to start trying again right away but I am a little hesitant as I am afraid that it will happen again. I would like to have another baby but so scared at the same time. I had my son 3 years ago with no problems so it is so strange to me why we would be having so much trouble now and it just makes it so depressing to even try.....I know it is still so fresh in my mind since it just happened but any advice on how to make conceiving after a loss a little easier/less stressful???
earleyml1012 responded:
Lurking! I'm a grad, so I wanted to offer you some words of encouragement. Your story sounds a little similar to mine, had a baby then miscarried even though all seemed fine. Fortunately, I only had one miscarriage before having a healthy full term pregnancy. However, I had a friend just like you and I'm going to offer you the same advice that I gave her. Give your body a few months to heal and also your mind a few months of healing before trying again. It's possible that the second miscarriage was due to getting pregnant again so quickly, not sure how scientific that is but it can't hurt to wait a few months. We waited about 4 months before I felt strong enough to try again. I got pregnant right off of birth control and felt that it might've been the cause even though the doctors told me otherwise. However, I told DH that I wanted to wait a few months. It does get easier with time but it does take time. Also, when you get pregnant again you are going to worry like crazy which is completely natural. Use these boards to express your fears/sorrows/etc. To me the pain finally went away when I gave birth to my second DD. Hang in there the pain does go away but not forever. There are still times (hearing of anothers loss) when my pain comes up again but it doesn't hurt as bad. HUGS!!!
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Laur1981 responded:
just wanted to chime in. had a healthy pregnancy, a molar pregnancy, a healthy pregnancy and four miscarriages. NO Explanation for any of them! am now 36 weeks pregnant. It will take time until your body is ready to carry again, both physically and emotionally. I agree about waiting a few months and then stopping with protection. For us, it happened when we werent trying and least expected it. And yes! ues these boards to vent and worry and cry. We have all (sadly) been there
vybe77 replied to Laur1981's response:
Hello ladies

I am so happy I found this thread today! I also have been on the emotional roller coaster that pregnancy can be..I had 6 losses in my teen years (between 17-20) and thought I simply couldn't carry to term and therefore wouldn't have kids..I became pregnant again at 21 and during this pregnancy the Dr's found a possible reason for my losses..I am RH negative, which simply explained means that my blood type can attack the baby's red cells IF the baby doesn't have the same blood type as I do and IF there is any transfer of blood between baby and I, so I must receive a winrho injection during pregnancy (around 28 weeks along) and after birth (for further pregnancies) and if ever I bleed during a said pregnancy...
So I received the injection at 21 and went on to deliver my 1st born DD Emily in 1999...went on to have a DS Kody in 2002 and again another DS Maxim in 2008..
Then we wanted just one more and all the trouble began again..I got a surprise BFP in the summer of 2011 and m/c all within 6 days time...
After this loss we decided to really get down to TTC with charting and OPKs and we conceived on our very first month trying (Jan. 2012) but I again started to spot a few weeks into the pregnancy..I went in for my winrho injection (because of the bleeding) and m/c 2 days later...
This time i was done with it..I didn't want to know anything about TTC any longer but I again got a surprise BFP in Oct. 2012..I was really nervous after finding out and so I went in to get a complete check up and the baby was great..where as in the prior two pregnancies there had been problems (the 1st had waning HCG counts and the second had spotting and no heartbeat) this one was stellar..we had almost 22000 for HCG at 7 weeks and a beautiful 120 BPM heartbeat..
..but while at the hospital I mentioned there had been a little bit of spotting, nothing really worth mentioning since I hadn't even needed a liner for it but they insisted I needed the winrho injection again so I let them give it to me and again two days later I m/c..but this m/c was such a surprise because there was no more spotting at this point and we had had such a great report from checking in on the baby..
After this third loss I was really ready to throw in the towel..I even asked my Dr. to give me the tubal, which she refused me because she knew I was talking emotional instead of rational.. time has gone by now since this last loss (happened Hallowe'en 2012) and now we don't know what we should do.. they have not found a reason for the losses..while at the hospital the last time (where we saw baby's heartbeat on u/s) the Dr. who examined me said she thought the prior two losses were maybe because of not receiving the winrho injection but now I've been wondering if maybe the injection caused me to m/c..although I've voiced my concerns to my Dr and she doesn't seem to think this could have been the cause...
Anyhow I came to tell you my story today because it warms my heart to see other stories like mine and to know that there is still room to dream that it is possible to have a healthy pregnancy after so many losses..
I hope I get to be that lucky someday soon xo
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