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Pregnancy Test
Fatafehi_8674 posted:
Hello All,

I am a mother of 3 children. I had a Miscarraige 3/2011. My husband and I really want to have a baby together, we have had no luck since.. I was experiencing Sciaitic pain, Sore breasts, and slight cramps yesterday on 1/4/13. I am not supposed to start my period until 1/6/13. I want to mention I experienced Sciatic pain at the begining of all 3 of my other pregnancies, even with my miscarraige too i had in 2011. I have not had sore breasts like this my misscarriage in 2011. Anyhow i took a pregnany test earlier today 1/5/13,left it in the bathroom and went to put a load of laundry on it only took like 15 minutes to complete came back to the bathroom and noticed i light/faint second line on the stick.. Did I want to long to check the test? Are these results accurate and should i retest? How long does it take for HCG to be detected into your system? Please hekp! Thank You!
adgtxcountrygirl responded:
I also tested a few days before my period was due, and it was indeed positive. I also had a miscarriage in November of 2011. It is actually more likely to get a false negative than a false positive, so in all likely-hood you are pregnant. I wish you the best. I am currently 12 weeks.
teacherbeck responded:
^agree. The first pregnancy test I took with this pregnancy was so faint DH wasnt sure but I told him a line is a line!
I hope everything is going well and that it was a BFP. Good luck!!
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hgreenwood7058 responded:
I hope that you retested. They say its inaccurate after 10 minutes. Also depending on the test you used (blue dye is natorious for this) you could get a evap line that makes it look positive when its really not. Best wishes. I hope it turns out that it was indeed a positive.
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teacherbeck replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
^^good point, Heather... I forgot about the blue dye tests. The month before my bfp I used a blue dye test and got the evap line and was getting excited for no reason. Really sucks! After that I made sure the tests I used were NOT blue dye.
Becky (31) DH (38) DD (dec 2010) Juliet- she is PERFECT in every way! BFP May 2012 Progesterone 2x/day, due Jan 2013

TRIGS: 1 loss (Jackson, Aug 6th '09), story in profile.
Mandy_Smiles responded:

Any updates? Did you retest? I am just now seeing this since I haven't checked in on this board in a long time.
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