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HCG levels and vanishing twin
fjjane2 posted:

I am about 7 wks now and my HCG levels started at 6500 at about 5 1/2 weeks then 4 days later went to 15000-the doctor said this wasn't good plus I had some bleeding at 6 weeks. I went for an ultrasound at 6 weeks and it showed a 6 wk sack and yoke but no heart plus what the tech said was a smaller really underdeveloped sack. A day and a half later HCG only went to 16000 and my doctor said to prepare for a D/C-I get my final ultrasound Monday. This will be my 4th mc and I am 41-is there any hope?? I also have 2 beautiful kids but I am sad. Would a vanishing twin mess with the HCG??
ksmommy27 responded:
Yes, A vanishing twin can make the HCG go up and down. I wouldnt count yourself out yet. Just hang in there and wait and see what the u/s says. And your number is going up so thats a good sign in itself. I belive that after a certian period the numbers will plateau and will double every 72-96 hrs. I know its hard but hang in there and stay + about the whole thing.
fjjane2 responded:

My doc said even if they saw a heart it problably wont be a good pregnancy because of the HCG levels. Plus i am spotting brown and this happened with one of my miscarriages-but I can't help but hold out hope.
ksmommy27 responded:
HCG levels dont mean everything. I had a scare in the begining with mine and Im doing well and have seen the baby on u.s 2 times now. Im 9 weeks now. Just hang in there and trust that no matter what happens it was meant to happen. I know thats hard but its so true. Ive had 5 losses and I hated each one of them but it got me to where I am now. Good Luck and make sure you post an update so we know how you are doing.
gina0908 responded:
I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks with my pregnancy and they diidn't see the heartbeat. Since they have seen and I have heard it all the time!! I rented a doppler. Stay hopeful!

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