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It's A.....................
ksmommy27 posted:
Healthy Little Baby Girl!! YAY! Im so happy & excited. She looks great. She is breech though for now. Hope she turns. She weighs about 10 ounces already and is measuring ahead at 19w2d. So it looks like I may be in for a big baby but thats ok. Fluid looked good. HR was 160. So all is well. I go to the doc again on April 15th. Baby wouldnt show us her face. The way she was laying she was facing into me so all we got to see was her back, spine, butt and head lol. Its so weird to be saying GIRL! I cant belive Im having a girl! OMG! YAY! LOL Got the 24 hr urine turned in and they should know something by Monday or Tues. We ended up getting caught in the snow storm big time & we just did get home less then an hour ago. I had to make us all something to eat real quick then I got on to update. I will get the pics scanned tommarow and post them on my page. I know I sure am glad to be home. There is at least a foot of snow here or more and we are supp to be 16 inches! YIKES! So im safe and sound in my house. Thanks bunches to those of you who were checking up on me. Im still alive :smile:
Danyelli responded:
That's soooooo exciting!!!! Congratulations! I'm glad you made it home safe and sound!
amandagray responded:
Congrats! And I am glad you got home safe and sound. I can't wait to see the u/s pics!
Jamiesfirst responded:
I'm sooooo happy for you Aubrey.. how wonderful!! Finally going to have your little girl!! :grin: :grin: :sillygrin:
jwolfesgirl responded:
i knew you were having a girl!!!! :goofy: :goofy: :sillygrin: :sillygrin: lol i was right! im so glad that you and your family were able to get home safe! i was worried about you! congrats for joining the pink team! (i hope i can join you there!)
kristimarierhodes responded:
CONGRATS on joining the PINK team!!!!!! :sillygrin: I am a terrible guesser...but I am so glad you are getting that baby girl you have been dreaming of!!! WOO-HOO!!!! SO excited for you!!! Kristi Marie
TryingInATX responded:
YAY Aubrey I'm so happy you got your little girl! And I can't believe you're dealing with snow, ugh. I DO NOT miss that at all!!
Maikochan responded:
Yey! Just what you wanted!
macangel92 responded:
So glad you made it home safely and you must be so excited!!! Congratulations on your baby girl. Btw, we are due right around the same time and I hope I hear that news hehe :) Congratulations again Aubrey :) ***Insert a cute lil picture of a kitten smiling with Congratulations! at the top***
just1more1973 responded:
lurking----- yeah so happy for you :sillygrin: You got your girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
trinity71980 responded:
OMG Aubrey!!! SOOO excited you got your little girl!!! Just got home and HAD to come on and see what was going on! YAY!!
Missy1223 responded:
congrats aubrey! glad you made it home safely too.. we have friends out in dodge city and they've been updating us about how it's going.. they've gotten like 12+ inches already! woohoo for shopping for cute little pink clothes!! :grin: :grin:
froggy_mama responded:
congrats ...YAY PINK!!!!!! I am so happy for you. I tried staying up to wait for your post but my body isn't my friend these days and just gave up on me and had to go to bed ...... I am jumping for hjoy for you that you have a wonderful healthy baby girl on the way ... you been waiting for this and you are finally being blessed :)
Reese6427 responded:
Congratulations on the Little Lady!!!!! I'm sorry you got stuck in the snow - but very glad you made it home safe. I was definitely thinking about you guys on the road and hoping you got back and forth ok.
Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sillygrin: :sillygrin: :sillygrin:

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