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    Birth Story
    FloralMom posted:
    He's here!!!! Everett Robert was born on Monday, October 18th, 2010 at 1:07pm, 7lbs 15.5oz and 20.5 inches.

    Dispite all of the dialating and walking I'd been doing, he was being stubborn and did not want to come out! So Monday morning I went into the the hospital to have my water broken. When I went in I was dialated to 6cm and still had only had a handfull of REAL contractions over the course of 3 days. I arrived around 7:15am and they broke my water around 8ish. An hour later, I still wasn't contracting, so they went ahead and set me up on Pitocin around 9:45 or 10:00. I finally started contractions around 11:00am and they went from non-existant to hard and back to back. I went ahead and got the epi soon after because the contractions were so hard and close together. The epi took FOREVER! The doc took his time getting there, then the nurse had a spinal tray instead of an epi tray, so they had to hunt down a new package, then my contraction monitor and the baby's heart monitor belts wouldn't stay, they kept rolling into the spot where he was trying to clean me up for the epi and then, I was contracting so hard and so often that finding a window to do the epi in was hard. I had 3 contractions while he was doing my epi!!!! He'd pause when he could tell that I was really contracting... I don't know if that helped or made things worse. About 15 minutes later, I was feeling fine! They checked me again after the epi and I was already at 8cm. After about an hour I was starting to feel some pressure on my right side in my rib cage... and then in my pelvis... and then in my back. Not like full on contractions, but definately uncomfortable and starting to hurt the further I progressed. Things were really moving along fast now and so they called my doctor, she wanted to me to do a test push, but the nurse was really nervous about that and waited a few minutes so that the on-call resident could be in the room just in case. They talked me through "how to push" even though this is my 3rd labor (LOL) and had me try... both of their eyes got HUGE and they were like "okay, stop! No more pushing until your OB gets here, or he will just fall out!". Now, my doctors office is only about 10 blocks from the hospital and she was already on her way, but with every contraction, my body was naturally working the baby further and further down. He was crowning without any effort at all. Above my head was a light fixture and I could see in the reflection, that he was coming! The resident and the nurse finally decided that I needed to push and just get him out or he might just slide out on his own when no one was looking! They started to have me push and just then my doctor walked into the room! She said "Oh!" and just tossed aside all of her boots and scrubs and just stood behind the resident and let him deliver the baby... in one push!!!!

    He has the most adorable red hair, which surprised my husband and I, although come to find out that we both have red hair in the family, even though both of us have dark brown hair. His big brother is SO proud and eager to help and kiss the baby. He looks a lot like his big brother did too... only different colored hair. All of the nurses at the hospital were just in LOVE with his hair. He's a cutie!
    Amy (29) DH (30) - m/c in 12/05, DS1 11/06, DS2 8/14/09 to 8/17/09.  MTHFR - Folbee Plus & Baby Aspirin.  LO - Blue team EDD 10/23/10... 2 days before my birthday!
    FloralMom responded:

    He did end up being born on DH's step-grandfather's birthday, but so far, no one has mentioned it... probably because they know they will get punched!!! LOL!

    I am back at work today and tomorrow (BRUTAL!!!!) but next week I will be at home, because I have helpers to cover my shop then. Say a little prayer that my buyer comes through and doesn't ask too much of me for transition time... otherwise I'll be back at work starting November 1st, unpaid, working for someone else with a 3 year old and a newborn! Ack!!!

    Thank you ladies for all of the support that you have been to me during this pregnancy. It's been rough for me with emotions and anxieties, but you ladies have been very supportive and comforting! You're the best!!!!!
    Amy (29) DH (30) - m/c in 12/05, DS1 11/06, DS2 8/14/09 to 8/17/09. MTHFR - Folbee Plus
    jedmonds12 replied to FloralMom's response:
    Yay!! What a great story! I knew you could do it :) And only one push, come ON, you rock! Congratulations, momma! Welcome Everett Robert!
    Julie (27) DF (34). One MC 5/10 at 7 wks. BFP 8/9/10! Stick, baby, stick! 10/5/10: HB 163, measuring 6d big, movement!. EDD: 4/18/11
    dino44 responded:
    CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy and excited for you! Welcome sweet little boy! I hope everything works out with your buyer, so you can take some more time.
    Me: Tabatha (28), DH: Paul (29), Angel Baby @ 13 weeks, PAL graduate!!!: Emma 4/3/09, PAL 2: BFP 4/24 keeping our fingers crossed for another Graduate. EDD 12/31/10! Saw hb on 5/17! YELLOW TEAM!
    Mandy_Smiles responded:
    Congratulations!!! Welcome to the world precious Everett Robert! I have been hoping to see your birth story and it is such a good one! One push! Wow, way to go momma Amy!
    Mandy 26, DH 31, Angel Baby @ 13weeks April 2010, EDD 3/27/11, Greenish-yellow team (undecided)
    agbdiva replied to FloralMom's response:
    Congratulations, Amy! Your birth story puts a smile on my face. :)
    Me (41) DH(48) I will be induced sometime the 1st week of January 2011 We're on the Pink Team! M/C 6/08(unknown) M/C 8/09(trisomy 15)
    jamiejo78 responded:
    Yes Amy!!! I am so, so happy he is here and healthy and beautiful! Your journey has been so inspirational and I am so proud of you coming through all you have to get to this point! Congrats and welcome to the world baby Everett!
    ME (32), DH (36), 3 stepchildren (12), (9), (6), two twin angel babies, Faith and Jenna-went home at 24 1/2 weeks on 7/26/2009
    Starla_94 responded:
    YEA Congrats Mommy and baby!!!! thank you for sharing. you'll have to post a pic for us soon :)
    Christina (34) DH (38)- 1 D/S Oct-2003, M/C April 2010, M/C June 2010 (twins) BFP on 8/15/2010 ~ GreeBean - hoping for a girl! EDD 4/28/2011
    FloralMom replied to Starla_94's response:
    Hmmmm?! I had a pix in my first post, but I see that it's not working.

    Let's try this one!
    Amy (29) DH (30) - m/c in 12/05, DS1 11/06, DS2 8/14/09 to 8/17/09. MTHFR - Folbee Plus
    TeacherBeck responded:
    Yaaaaay!!! I am so so excited for you! And I LOVE the name Everett. Cute & smart!
    I will be praying that the sale of the business goes quickly and smoothly... I know you breezed through with just one push ;) but you deserve some at-home time now!!
    Enjoy your precious LO! Again, so happy for you!
    Becky (30) DH (36) BFP April '10; Juliet Christine is due Dec 27th 2010!Praying every day for my precious LO!! TRIGS 1 loss (Jackson, Aug 6th '09). Story in profile.
    just1more1973 responded:
    Congrats on a healthy baby boy !! what a beautiful name ! enjoy your little boy.
    Jo (37) DH (39) DS (5) m/c 05/06 @8wks mc 12/09 twins @ 10wks trisomy 18 new bfp 09/29/09 here we go again !
    cheyenne828 replied to just1more1973's response:
    Cool story!!! Congratulations and I hope you have a chance to relax. Good luck with your shop!!
    Pam 37, DH 37 ~ TTC 1 ~ BFP 5/29/09, MC 7/7/09 ~ BFP 12/14/09, early MC 12/20/09 ~ BFP 7/24/10, EDD 4/2/11, yellow team
    mel07430 responded:
    Congrats Amy!!!!!!!!! (((((HUGS)))))
    Melissa (37) DH (39) We have three angels in Heaven- 9/06, 1/07, 9/07. We have one beautiful daughter who is 2 yo. BFP 3/4/10!!!! Here we go again!!! EDD 11/13/2010. C/S scheduled 11/6. Blue Team!!
    cinnabar66133 responded:
    Congrats and welcome baby boy Everett!!
    risdiane responded:
    Amy so very happy for you! Huge congrats and I hope the sale goes smoothly and you are home with that LO soon!
    Cris, 31 DH 31 - Ectopic 10/08, m/c 09/09 at 16 weeks unknown cause 1/14 BFP, Due 9/23 its a boy!

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