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starting to feel pregnant!
shanastash posted:
hehe, with less than 5 weeks to go, i am finally starting to feel preggo! when i stand up, i can feel strain on my pelvis and i have to take a deep breath cuz it sometimes hurts. i am not so "huge" feeling but my belly is definately looking like it has a baby in it now!

i am tired all the time again but i am stilling HOPING for the nesting bug! the want is definately there, but there is no physical anything going on to get anything done! i feel like i walk like a 90 year old.

thankfully i only have 2 more weeks of work! that i am excited about!!!

anyway, just wanted to share that i finally feel pregnant! not miserable, but definately pregnant! thankfully i have about 4 more weeks left! :smile:
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TeacherBeck responded:
:) Wow! Less than 5 weeks left! That's amazing Shana! I am so exicted... it's been such a long hard journey but soon you will be holding that sweet baby in your arms! Yay!

WAHOOOOO for only 2 wks of work left for ya!

I am already feeling majorly preggo and I have almost 10 wks left!! I have had to start using extra pillows on the couch to prop myself or else I can barely get up! LOL! So by the time I get to your stage... sheesh!
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dino44 responded:
You are so close! How exciting!!

I'm with Becky... I definitely feel majorly preggo, and I have 10 weeks still. I'm not that big, but I feel sooooo full of baby! I can't get to my feet without almost peeing myself! I'm glad you are not feeling miserable. I hope your nesting bug kicks in soon for you, so you can have some more energy. You are so, so close to meeting your precious baby!
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