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An_220392 posted:
Hello All-
I am an old member of the MD pregnancy communities. After a m/c in 2007 I had to undergo months of fertility treatments to conceive my son born June 2009.

I was going to undergo fertility treatments again in November but got a BFB on Sunday. I guess I am about 4w4d. Anyway, I wish I could say that the fear of m/c goes away after the birth of a child, but it doesn't. I am still worried although so far so good.

Yesterday I went to the ob and he took my HCG. I should get the results today and go back on Thursday. I live in Germany and the OBs are very different here. They do u/s everytime you go in. He even did one yesterday at 4w3d. Of course, we couldn't see anything but he could tell that my uterus is pregnant.

On Thursday, I go back to get my HCG redrawn. He said he will do another u/s but I don't think I want him too. I know it is too early to see anything so I don't want to worry needlessly if we still can't see a sac. What do you guys think? Please, please keep you fingers crossed that I have nice, solid HCG numbers today!!!
mel07430 responded:
Congrats and welcome!!! Sending tons of calming vibes and sticky vibes your way!!!!

Melissa (37) DH (39) We have three angels in Heaven- 9/06, 1/07, 9/07. We have one beautiful daughter who is 2 yo. BFP 3/4/10!!!! Here we go again!!! EDD 11/13/2010. C/S scheduled 11/6. Blue Team!!
cloudcover replied to mel07430's response:
Thanks Melissa-
I am trying to figure you WebMD's new format. Good luck with your C/S in a few weeks!
Carin531 responded:
I am in almost the same boat as you, except that I am in the states. I went through a lot of fertility and had my son in March 2009. I recently found out that I am pregnant again...totally unplanned. I too am trying to figure out this new format. I came here because it was so helpful the last time.
Good luck to you!
Starla_94 responded:
'i'm not sure what a U/S two days later would really show.. you might just request the blood draw and ask to schedule an apt next week like Monday or something for another BloodDraw and then an U/S

depending on the type of machine hes using the sac could be there and you just can't see it as its hiding.. but if your numbers are doubling thats a great sign!! my docs in house machine is old and outdated .. but works.. just not as clear ast those fancy ones like they have in the hospitals and use for the NT scans and such :)
Christina (34) DH (38)- 1 D/S Oct-2003, M/C April 2010, M/C June 2010 (twins) BFP on 8/15/2010 ~ GreeBean - hoping for a girl! EDD 4/28/2011
MNHall responded:
Congrats and welcome! I see this was posted 2 days ago and that might mean your second draw and possible u/s are today. But I agree with you! While I LOVE LOVE LOVE u/s's, just 2 days later and being less than 5 weeks it doesn't seem like you'd see much. I can see the point in doing them a week or so apart, but even early on, you can't see a whole lot until the 5 week range for a yolk sac, then 6 week range for the heartbeat. Like I said, I LOVE to see my little one, but having one at 4w3d and then again at 4w5d seems a little excessive!

Sending you doubling vibes!!!!
Shelley (30), DH (30), DS (05/07 - 3 yrs), DD (02/09 - 1 yr) - Both PAL Grads!! 2 m/c's (06/06 and 04/08) - EDD 11/29/10!!!!
cloudcover replied to MNHall's response:
I know. U/S's every visit are a bit much. The Germans just do the u/s every time you go to the OB/GYN. They do them even when you aren't pregnant and just in there for an annual physical to check for cysts and polyps and what not. They also don't use gowns or sheets. You are just laying there naked. Crazy Europeans.
Luckily he said I don't need to come in again until week 7 and I will probably get an u/s then to check for the heart beat. Thanks for the doubling vibes!
Me(36) DH (38) Angel 9/07. One son 16 months after 6 IUI's. Surprise BFP 10/24/10.
mlbock replied to cloudcover's response:
Congrats and welcome!! H&H 9 months to you!
Marisa (36)DH (33) M/C 10/07 at 10 weeks. DS Jace PAL grad and 28 week preemie due to Eclampsia 08/08. EDD 12/21/10 - BLUE team!
MNHall replied to cloudcover's response:
Sounds great!!!!
Shelley (30), DH (30), DS (05/07 - 3 yrs), DD (02/09 - 1 yr) - Both PAL Grads!! 2 m/c's (06/06 and 04/08) - EDD 11/29/10!!!!

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