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bhc becoming real?
shanastash posted:
so it's been since around noon that i have had "steady" conx but they are every half hour. i know the doc says don't call until they are 5 mins apart...but i am just wondering if maybe they are still just bh? i mean they feel the same, maybe a little more painfull, as in the uterus is definately contracting more so, but nothing like (TRIGGS - last year when i had real conx when trying to deliver fishie - END TRIGGS)...

its only been 5 hours of this so i am not getting too worried about it, but i am kinda weirded out by it. does that make sense? i don't wanna call the doc on call about it either, which makes me think i really shouldn't worry about it. i am kinda excited but definately scared of the "unknown" ya know?!
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TeacherBeck responded:
exciting!! I have had BHC off and on for a few weeks, and on very stressful or busy days I have had them every 18-25 minutes for like an hour or two, but drinking water or putting my feet up always helps and so my doctr says they are fine (unless I have more than 4-5 an hour, then I am supposed to call).
So, in my non-expert, inexperienced opinion :) I bet your body is just starting to gear up for the big day.

As I typed this I am thinking wouldn't it be funny if I am saying all this and you are already at the hossy delivering your precious Jennaraya (sp?/sorry!).

You are done with work now, right?? I hope so!
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