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Birth Story
dino44 posted:
Asher Huckleberry Hancock was born at 4:05am 12/21. He is 7lbs 4oz and 20 inches. He is absolutely perfect!

Long: I wasn't feeling Baby move a whole lot yesterday, so I headed in to L&D to be monitored. Baby looked good, but he had a drop in his heart rate. My doctor ordered a biophysical profile to make sure everything was fine. We failed the BPP. Baby wouldn't move or practice breathing and there was practically no amniotic fluid around him. I had been having contractions all day, and my doctor decided an induction would be best at this point. We started out with a dose of prostaglandin gel at 6:00pm. At 6:30, my water broke on its own. When my water broke, Baby stopped moving again. It took a couple hours to get him perked up again. By then, I had progressed from 1.5cm / 80% to 4cm / 100%. I walked around for a little while, but the contraction were coming fast and hard, one on top of each other. I went back to my room in tears. DH was at home with DD and waiting for my mom to come take over. He got to my room as I did, and I told the nurse I needed something for the pain. She gave me stadol (sp?) to take the edge off. That was great for a few hours. Around 12AM it wore off, and I was sent to walk the halls again. My contractions were unbearable and right on top of each other again. I finally broke down and got an epidural, and I was so glad I did! I was 5cm at this point, and we figured I might have a little while still. I tried to nap but couldn't. I missed my daughter so much. At around 2AM, my nurse came in to check me, and I was 8cm. At 3AM, I called my nurse to say I felt pressure. I was complete, so she called for the doctor. I started pushing at 3:40AM, and my little guy was born at 4:05AM. He is perfect and beautiful and nursing like a pro. I feel fantastic. I don't feel like I just had a baby at all. I didn't tear, I am only a little swollen and I've been able to walk around just fine. Asher is the best Christmas present our family could have asked for
Me: Tabatha (28), DH: Paul (29), Angel Baby @ 13 weeks, PAL graduate!!!: Emma 4/3/09, PAL 2: BFP 4/24 keeping our fingers crossed for another Graduate. EDD 12/31/10! Saw hb on 5/17! YELLOW TEAM!
RachelNuke responded:
Congratulations! That is such an amazing birth story. I'm so proud of you

I love the name you chose for little Asher Enjoy your new baby boy
Me 29, DH 27, MC 11/08, BFP 9/11/10, EDD 5/21/11 Green Team, should know 12/23!
Mandy_Smiles responded:
Congratulations Tabatha!!! Way to go momma! I can't believe you just had him this morning and you feel like you didn't have a baby at all! That gives me hope! LOL! I LOVE his name! So cute!
Mandy 26, DH 31, Angel Baby @ 13weeks April 2010, EDD 3/27/11 and we are thinking about calling her Gwenyth Grace :)
jedmonds12 responded:
Oh Tabatha, what a great story!! I teared up a little Congratulations to you and welcome Asher!! I'm so happy for you. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas together!
Julie (27) DF (34). One MC 5/10 at 7 wks. BFP 8/9/10! It's a boy!!! EDD 4/18/11
lady_samwise responded:
Congratulations I'm glad you and Asher are doing good. I hope I feel like you do after mine gets here lol
Jessica (22) DH (23) 2 m/c's BFP 6-4-2010 EDD 2-9-2011 Blue Team!
MNHall responded:
Wow were updating within hours!!!! So glad to hear you are feeling well...many congrats...and Happy Birthday Asher!
Shelley (30), DH (30), DS (05/07 - 3 yrs), DD (02/09 - 1 yr) - Both PAL Grads!! 2 m/c's (06/06 and 04/08) - EDD 11/29/10!!!!
teacherbeck responded:
Wow! Congrats! I am so glad you are feeling good and that everything turned out great
Send me some of those "nursing like a pro vibes
OY! We need them!
Becky (30) DH (37) BFP April '10; It's a girl! Juliet Christine is due Dec 27th 2010! Praying every day for my precious LO! TRIGS 1 loss (Jackson, Aug 6th '09); story in profile.
cheyenne828 replied to teacherbeck's response:
Another birth! Great story and congratulations. And also so happy that you're feeling good. Enjoy the holidays with the newest member of the family!!
Pam 37, DH 37 ~ TTC 1 ~ BFP 5/29/09, MC 7/7/09 ~ BFP 12/14/09, early MC 12/20/09 ~ BFP 7/24/10, EDD 4/2/11, yellow team
jamiejo78 responded:
Congrats Tabatha! What a great birth story! Welcome to the world baby Asher! What a wonderful Christmas present for you all!
ME (32), DH (36), 3 stepchildren (12), (9), (6), two twin angel babies, Faith and Jenna-went home at 24 1/2 weeks on 7/26/2009 Baby K due 1/23/11

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