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    d/a update---doctor could feel LO head already?
    Mandy_Smiles posted:
    I have been having some strange things happen: baby feels like she is rather low lately, sudden dramatic increase in CM, gush of something while waiting in line at Burger King, and some other things that I posted about yesterday. I went to the doctor today and the doctor is very pleased with my glucose test results, blood pressure, and antibody screen (I didn't even realize they were running that test). I got my Rhogam shot and my uterus is measuring good. Overall everything is looking good but I am quite confused though. My doctor had an emergency C-Section and she was backed up with appointments so I can understand why she would be in a hurry, but I feel like she really didn't take enough time to make sure everything is ok. She really rushed through our appointment and I am concerned by what she said but didn't have time to ask too many questions.

    She checked my cervix and she said it is still closed and long. But then she said that she could feel the baby's head and she is sitting quite low but she is able to push her up and I quote... "she bounces up and down like a pink pong ball so she is not engaged yet". What?! She can feel the baby's head?! I am only 27w 4d along and she can feel her head?! BTW, my doctor has very small hands. Not that that matters but her fingers are about an inch shorter than mine and she is able to feel her head?! I am concerned about this. She wants to see me in 2 weeks to check again. How could she be able to feel her head if my cervix is closed and long? Wouldn't she have to reach up through the cervix to feel the baby? Isn't that how that works? I am so tempted yet afraid to Google about this. I usually just cause myself panic attacks when I Google things but I feel very ignorant not knowing how my cervix can be closed and how she can easily feel her head and move her around. Anyone else have a similar experience?
    Mandy 26, DH 31, Angel Baby @ 13weeks April 2010, EDD 3/27/11 and we are thinking about calling her Gwenyth Grace :)
    dino44 responded:
    Lurking again... :)

    My doctor could feel DD's head pretty early on, and this is how he explained it. He could feel a "bump" in my vaginal wall that was the baby's head. She was still at like a -5 station. That was apparently low enough to feel but not low enough to be engaged. My doctor also told me first time mommies usually drop much sooner than second time mommies, so I didn't need to worry. DD ended up coming 3 days after her EDD. I just had a low, low kiddo for several weeks. I hope this makes you feel a little better. I'm sorry you are so stressed out. Oh! And as for your BK incident... I was at work one day while pregnant with DD. I didn't move suddenly, and I didn't feel like I needed to use the restroom. I suddenly had a little gush that trickled down my leg. In the end, it was only pee... She must have collided with my bladder. Try to relax. I know this is all scary, but you are doing a great job. I'm sure all is well. Just hang in there!
    Me: Tabatha (28), DH: Paul (29), Angel Baby @ 13 weeks, PAL graduate!!!: Emma 4/3/09, PAL 2: BFP 4/24 keeping our fingers crossed for another Graduate. EDD 12/31/10! Saw hb on 5/17! YELLOW TEAM!
    cheyenne828 replied to dino44's response:
    Hi Mandy - I don't have any advice at all, but just wanted to give you big hugs! I really bet it's nothing and just what Tabitha said but I'm sure you'll get more advice here soon.

    I have been struggling the last week with wondering if I'm leaking amniotic fluid - and am pretty sure I'm just over-reacting - but I'm the queen of that.

    Feel better hun. Everything is all good! And you just stop it on worrying about the w/g - you look fabulous and if you were to gain a pound a week the remainder you'd be a little over 40 lbs which is NOT BAD! I have a friend that gained 85 and she's all back to pre-preg weight no problem.

    Pam 37, DH 37 ~ TTC 1 ~ BFP 5/29/09, MC 7/7/09 ~ BFP 12/14/09, early MC 12/20/09 ~ BFP 7/24/10, EDD 4/2/11, yellow team
    TeacherBeck responded:
    Lurking also :)

    At my 35 or 36 wk appt my doctor said she could "feel the head," but then when I was in labor and at the hossy my LO was still too far up and we had to wait, break my water, and incline my bed to a crazy angle to help the contractions get her to where she needed to be so I could start pushing. So, what Tabatha said makes sense- just b/c they can feel her doesn't mean she is about to come out or anything. Even though it WAS time for me to have Juliet, and even though the rest of my body was ready, and the doctr could feel the head a few weeks before, she STILL wasn't low enough to be born :)
    So try not to worry; although I know that is very hard to do!
    Becky (30) DH (37) One brand-new LO, Juliet Christine came Dec 10th (EDD was 12/27), and she is PERFECT! TRIGS: 1 loss (Jackson, Aug 6th '09), story in profile.
    Mandy_Smiles responded:
    Thank you ladies for the support! Today she is feeling even lower than ever before. When I feel her move it feels like she is RIGHT THERE... She has been very active today and it doesn't feel very good where I am feeling all of the movement! haha... My back is really aching and I have "kicked in the crotch" pain so I have pain in my back and shooting through my crotch just to walk 20 feet to the bathroom. Torture. Thank God I have a desk job and I don't have to lift anything or be on my feet too much. I just wish I could lay down and take some pressure off my back and crotch. Wow, I never thought I would say I need to take pressure off my crotch! LOL! Thanks again for listening. It seems like too much to ask of myself to take it one day at a time so I am taking it just one breath at a time right now. Thanks again!
    Mandy 26, DH 31, Angel Baby @ 13weeks April 2010, EDD 3/27/11 and we are thinking about calling her Gwenyth Grace :)

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