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Kind of freaking out........
Hayswifey posted:
I'm almost 30 weeks and I feel like NOTHING is ready for Jackson's arrival!!! I have SO much to do!!!! I have to:

-Order furniture
-Buy almost EVERYTHING
-Paint his room
-Have the floors installed
-Have the crown molding and trim installed
-Have the mural painted
-Buy clothes and get them washed
-Clean OUT Jackson's closet as it was a storage closet before......

I'm sure there is more, but I haven't done anything yet! I am waiting on our tax return for the majority of everything, so that is what is holding the majority of it up.

I'm just kind of freaking out because I start school full time after winter break on January 18th, so I am afraid I am going to be so busy with school I won't have time to do what I need to to get ready. DH won't know when he is coming home for R&R until shortly before he is scheduled to come home. So, he isn't really much help getting prepared for Jackson......ugh.....kinda freaking out! lol
cheyenne828 responded:
I'm a teensy bit ahead of you, but totally understand! My registry is probably only 1/4 done, nursery needs to be tackled, I've gotten some gifts but have literally not bought a thing for this baby. I have childbirth classes to take, a shower to figure out, painting, reading, house organizing...and like you, working full time.

Eek! It will get done you have someone else that can help you?
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mrslee97658 responded:
it will be ok. I just had a friend who had her first child back in November but when she found out that she was pregnant she was almost 30 weeks! EEK so talk about not being ready but amazingly her family and all of "us" her friends came together and helped her get ready and her and baby are doing just fine. I suggest just buying the basic nessecities for now and fininshing when Jackson is born that way you aren't stressing at the last minute.
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shanastash responded:

i had my baby in november and even though i had the room ready, we ONLY use the room to change diapers in (even though really you could just use your couch!) and rock/feed baby in...which again, you could just use your couch! all you really need to have is a basinet and then a crib when jackson grows out of it. you probably need floors, but trim and crown molding doesn't HAVE to be there, as long as its there when he starts to crawl! mural can wait, paint can wait, maybe get the closest done, we do use that...but other than that, you can tackle it a little bit each day when he gets here! i mean when you have time...but really, don't freak out. oh and for right now, you just need a few sleepers and keep washing them. you don't need a whole lot of clothes...seriously, we LIVE in sleepers!

take care, calm down...and remember to enjoy your time working on his room!
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Andie_WebMD_Staff replied to shanastash's response:
I agree with you, Shana. I went all out when I had my first baby because I thought I needed all those things the magazines told me I must have.

The first few weeks/months I had the bassinet in my room, so we didn't even need a crib right away. Love the sleeper gowns with that close at the bottom. So much easier to change diapers rather than trying to get their little tiny legs through pants...especially at 3am.

Cute as those tiny little outfits can be, the first few weeks there's a lot of sleeping going on, so you won't need more than 1 or 2 to have on hand for those days you want to show your new LO off to the world!

I know it seems overwhelming right now, but don't stress yourself out over it. You want things to be perfect and that's normal. But, try to just get the basics done and don't worry so much about the room. If you're like me, the only time you'll end up going in there is to get a change of clothes or grab a few more diapers.

Good luck!!

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