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Preterm labor!!
bbylove21 posted:
hello ladies , quick question. So today i had a regular d/a and it went great!! i heard the baby's sweet hb, and i was having such a great day then my doc told me about preterm labor!! ahh he told me some of the warning signs of it and now i find myself thinking i'm gonna have to go to the hospital soon!! He said if it feel's like a ball?? Im so confused I guess it has to be hard to be a symptom and i've been stressing all day.. another symptom is overly peeing ?? Ahh i swear i was worry free this week lol Can you be more discriptive than my doc, he's a man. Not saying that he doesn't know what he speaks of but i need something other than "hard" and" ball looking".. just hoping for the best ..thank u
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noelle1225 responded:
My best friend just had a baby... we were due 10 days apart when b4 i mc'd last summer. I sat with her through many hours of preterm labor off and on from around 27wks... Her exact description over and over again was, "Connor doesn't like it... I can feel him squeeze into a ball and my stomach gets tight." She had contractions off and on from that point on and made 3 trips to the hosp, but ended up being induced at 38 wks when he stopped growing anyway:) he's healthy and happy:) If they start coming regularly, you can always go in and get checked out. They can give you the meds to stop labor if needed, so don't worry too much:) easier said than done....
shanastash responded:

i wasn't having pre-term labor, but my conx felt like i had a too tight of coat on and the top area of my tummy was getting squeezed the heck out of this tight coat and then would travel down to my woohoo and that would squeeze really tight too. and then it would go away with very little feeling left.

peeing alot and diareah is a couple of symptoms, but don't over think this if you had more fiber than normal, or if you just drank 80 ounces of water! :) hehe!

good luck!
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bbylove21 responded:
thanks ladies , i just find myself obsessing over anything i hear jeez i'm such a hypochondriac lol.. hugs
Adriana(21) DH(26) mc at 9 weeks in 5/22/10 BFP!! 9/25/10 EDD 6/29/10 Yay summer baby!! Chicago is cold! Yellow team
Mandy_Smiles replied to bbylove21's response:
Oh my goodness, I think your doctor could have explained preterm labor eymptoms to you more clearly so that you aren't so nervous now! I am not at all a doctor but I can tell you what I have learned and experienced thus far in my pregnancy. I hope this information helps to calm your nerves.

I don't see how peeing alot could be a sign of pre-term labor. In the beginning I peed alot due to the increased blood flow to my uterus. I peed alot during the second trimester because I had to up my water intake to 100 oz a day due to the excessive Braxton Hicks contractions I have been experiencing daily since around 20 weeks. When I increased my water intake I peed alot, and now I pee alot just because of how heavy the baby is, the fact that she has dropped, and also depending on baby's position. Pregnant women pee a lot, all the time. I don't know how that could be a sign of pre term labor. That's just my personal opinion. :)

My doctor told me that every woman has BHC, some of them just can't feel them at all. The uterus must contract to be able to grow and to prepare for what is to come. I happen to be one of the unfortunate ones who have felt them since around 20 weeks. This is what my BHC feels like and every woman experiences everything differently in pregnancy so if you feel like you could be having contractions, even if my own personal description does not match what you are feeling, call your doctor. The best way that I can explain my BHC is like a charlie horse that feels like a mentral cramp. The muscle contraction is as tight and intense as a charlie horse, but the pain level was like a period cramp. I know this will sound funny, but take your finger and poke your cheek and then poke your forehead. Your tummy normally will feel like your cheek, but when you are having a contraction it will feel as hard as your forehead. When it happens and I look at my belly, my belly is very tight and you can clearly see where the baby is and it looks like a ball because the uterus is tightening up all around it. It's an involuntary contraction of the uterus muscle and when I get a BHC it does not go un-noticed. My BHC pain levels were pretty low, pretty equal to that of a period cramp. It would start in my back and wrap around my hips and go down to my crotch. I started having regular contractions and they had to stop things after I fell on the ice a few weeks ago and it pretty much was the same thing just much more painful and much more regular. This past week I have been having some pretty intense back pain with the BHC (stops me in my tracks, can't talk through it) and I found out today that I am dialated a fingertip and 50% effaced. I know that they are BHC and not real labor pains because I am only having about 6 a day. My doctor said that once I have 6 an hour to call her and she will want me to go in to be monitored.

I hope this information helps calm your nerves. Pregnant women pee a lot and contractions are (from my personal experience) something that once you have one, you will know that you are having a contraction. Sending you happy and healthy baby vibes, Adriana! :)
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