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Scary ultrasound
Henly30 posted:
I went to the doctor a few days ago and he said I was measuring at 6 wks, 3 days which is really off compared to my last menstrual period. The worst part was that he could not see a heartbeat. There was a baby and yolk sak but no heartbeat. He said this is probably a miscarrige and it will pass within the next few weeks. I am going to get a second opinion. Any thoughts?
Samantha_77 responded:
It's common not to see the heartbeat at 6 weeks. I know I didn't get to see my LO's until almost 9 weeks. I think it's a good idea to get a second opinion.
Pamela11703 responded:
You said his measurement was off compared to your lmp..How far do you think you are? I would def get a second opinion, I feel like more recently I keep hearing stories about doctors stating a m/c is occurring when it's really not. i think it's a terrible assumption. Please keep us updated

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annamae1979 responded:
I had the samething happen to me the doctor said that i was 5 weeks, 2 days and there was no heartbeat so he told me that it was a miscarriage I didnt want to believe it b/c I have been trying for so long so i asked him if we could wait and do another u/s b/c his dates was not matching up with mine well we waited for 2 weeks and did another u/s and still nothing so then he waited another week and did another u/s and still nothing so my advice is see if the doctor will do another u/s in a week and see if theres a heart beat best of luck to you
Henly30 replied to Pamela11703's response:
I estimated that I was at least 8-9 weeks. I have an appt. with a new doctor scheduled for Monday.
twiegardt replied to Henly30's response:
I didnt get to hear the heartbeat till I was 9 weeks either and then they found it on the u/s. I was 16 weeks along before they heard it on the doppler, my LO liked to hide towards the back I guess :) Wishing you all the luck in the world!
saikiyo responded:
After 2 weeks missed period, I went to Dr. office. The urine test was positive. Dr. told she could not see the heart beat which is normal at 6 weeks because fetus is still too small, we could wait for another week. My doctor was very responsible, she tried another scan that she scaned lower of my abd, and we saw the heart beat. Afterward, she used somthing (forget) to hear the heart beat that was very clear and strong. At that time, I teared...Anyway, go luck and be blessed.
imreddy responded:
6 weeks may be too early to see the heart beat. However, early measurements (in the first trimester) are usually pretty accurate, so if he is saying you're 6w3d, you probably are. Your body can play weird tricks on you and you can get pregnant at different times during the month, even if you aren't ovulating. I wouldn't worry until you get farther along. Have him recheck for a heartbeat in a couple weeks.
Henly30 responded:
I would like to thank everyone for the advice. I really don't know anyone in my area that has been through this type of thing. I'll give an update on Monday (:

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