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what is the cause of a large uterus?
KearstinQ20 posted:
At my first appointment with my obgyn (5ish weeks i believe) he made a comment that dripped a little shock in his voice, but not enough to cause panic of worry that my uterus was large.

then again my second appointment (10weeks 3days) he made the same comment with again surprise in his voice ....he even went as far as to try the doppler out even tho he had not planned too because it was to early to hear anything, he said "don't worry you usually cant hear anything this early on so don't be upset if it doesn't work, but being that your uterus is large and the position that it is in ,it might work. (btw it didn't...said my heartbeat was to loud and the babies is just to low).

now this is my first pregnancy. i read that if i had kids before that, that's kind of normal. so its not that.

i know my dates aren't off because my first ultrasound said i was measuring only 2days behind what my LMP measuring was,which is pretty much normal, so again its not that.

My question is what's the cause /reasons/ whatever for a large uterus?

any information would be great , if he says that again at my next appointment i will be asking him the same question but until then (april 29th) i need some info. hopefully from an expert also? :P
phoenixfire76 responded:
Could be that you have more fluid than normal or maybe you had a lager uterus to start with, If your Dr. doesn't seam concerned with it, you probably shouldn't be either.

Best of Luck.
javabean19 responded:
Hi there, don't wait until your next appt. it will drive you nuts! Call your dr.'s office and ask the nurses, if they can't answer just leave a message for your dr. That's what they're there for, don't feel bad about it. They'd much prefer you ask more questions and be informed than ask none at all. It could be that the position of your uterus pre-pregnancy that lends itself to seeming larger than it is, or it could have started out larger than normal... if they did an early ultrasound they would have noticed/said something if they found any concerning uterine anomolies, etc. I also wouldn't think it would have anything to do with fluid levels if it started that early on. Every woman and every pregnancy is different, I would't worry about it. I would call your dr. though so you don't keep worrying. :)
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
There are a few reasons for why the uterus measures larger than the dates. The most common reason is you are further in the pregnancy then you think. But since you had an ultrasound exam, this is not the case.

Another reason could be you are carrying more than one child, like twins. But if you had an ultrasound exam, they should have seen this (although this can be missed).

Uterine fibroids (benign muscle tumor) of the uterus can make the uterus larger then you think.

The other thing it may be is your doctor is wrong. It is just an estimation. I would not be too concerned about it at this time.

When you see your doctor, ask him about what the ultrasound exam showed. You can also call the office and speak to someone to read you the ultrasound results.

good luck.

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