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Dark brown discharge
ameudy81 posted:
I am 8 weeks pregnant and just started having dark brown discharge is this normal? Please help.
Anda313 responded:
I had the same thing around week 5. I went to the dr around week 6 to 7 for my first visit and they checked my levels, which were wonderful according to the nurse. I have not had any discharge since then. It could be from overactivity, sex, etc. One of the nurses explained it like this - You make a chocolate cake and you get all the batter out but there is still a touch left in the bowl because you cannot get it all out every time, so our bodies some times do the same thing. It could be old blood. Also, they gave me a book at my doctor's office and it said that just because there is a brown discharge it does not necessarily mean you are having a miscarriage. Like a lot of people say on here, each pregnancy is different. If you are really worried, which it sounds like you are and I would be as well, then call your doctor. Better to have peace of mind than to wonder all the time. :) Good Luck :)
jenfr1981 responded:
I had his with my first pregnancy off and on. Everytime it was actually a yeast infection...which is very common during pregnancy.
Magg_pie responded:
that is normal during the first few weeks but I had the exact same thing at 8 weeks pregnant, and it lasted about 3 days - started on a friday and ended on sunday night, by a miscarriage. I am not trying to scare you, but it is a possibility you could be having a miscarriage. call your doctor immediatley and have a HCG blood test done. if it is a miscarriage your HCG levels would be going down, when they should be going up, or at least staying the same. it's really the only way to tell, unless you wait it out and hoepfully nothing happens. it's also very common for brown discharge around 8 weeks because it would be the time of your period and could be nothing. again, I dont want to worry you. this is just what happened to me.
debbieannlatham replied to Magg_pie's response:
im going through the smae thing iv had brown discharge now for nearly 2 weeks im just over 6 weeks pregnant, i went to the hospital yesterday an have to go back today for an early scan to see whats happening, the doctor explained that it is my body basically in a battle with my womb, because to my body my baby is a forign body and it is trying to reject it an so thats why im getting the discharge because by body is trying to get rid of the blood, where as my womb is trying to protect it and so is not letting the blood go, but i would definatley go the doctors to have it checked out just to put your mind at rest, good luck...
amob83 responded:
Your cervix is pretty much a little more sensitive than usual and there is blood that gets trapped in it. When you do any sexual or overactivity it can stimulate it to basically drip out. I've had it on and off the past 2 weeks, old blood and even new blood. I had an ultrasound done last week and everything was fine. The only down side, I wont have sex with my husband now lol. He told me he went into retirement lol. But if you aren't having any serious painful cramping, you should be OK. Just be sure to bring this up with your OB.


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