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    How soon can you feel symptoms?
    Zakaru posted:
    I'm a couple days from my missed period and I've feeling things like: Nausea, dizziness, severe fatigue and make frequent bathroom trips. I've never been pregnant before so I'm unsure as to how early you can feel the symptoms of pregnancy. My husband and I had an 'accident', as we like to call it, around the time I think I was ovulating. I'm going to test on Friday, so I'll let everyone know then. Any advice would be awesome though! I'm also feeling some mild discomfort below my belly button, though what it is I'm not sure! <.<
    Therhry responded:
    Hi Zakaru,

    All that you've mentioned is pregnancy symptoms I'm afraid. Some women get signs very early into their pregnancy and others don't even know until they're 2 months! Just remember that your baby is already about 4-6wks if you're pregnant so you're bound to start feeling something by now. You also don't specify how many days past your period you are, but it definitely sounds to me like you're preggers

    Good luck with the test and may all go well with you and LO.

    Theresa (39) DH (29), DS #1 (19), DD (11), DS #2 (8 ), EDD (3/9/10)
    Zakaru replied to Therhry's response:
    Its actually a couple days before my period, but I haven't felt at all like I usually do. I got a hold of my mother, and asked her how she felt in her pregnancies. She said that she felt different just two weeks after her estimated conception. Right now its hard not knowing, because I'm helping my mother in law move, and she refuses to let me do any lifting. =P
    crystrav1981 responded:
    I am currently experiencing the same sort of thing u r, but please even though you are able to take a home pregnancy test now and it is possible for it to be accurate give it a week or so longer just so you can make sure you have enough of the pregnancy hormones in your urine and to make sure it is not just a late period...also, take it in the morning with your first urine because this is when the hormone is most concentrated in your urine, you may get a false negative especially with how early you are if you take it any other time. You can also feel like you are having pregnancy symptoms when you are not pregnant, so don't get your hopes up...I have had 4 babies and with at least half of my pregnancies, I tested with a home pregnancy test that I got from the dollar stores for $1 and they came up positive, so don't think just cuz it cost less it won't's a good way to save money on them, especially if you test very often. There are also ways you and your husband can tell if you google how to do a cervix exam on yourself, you can learn how to do that, but is not so accurate to tell if you're pregnant but you can learn when you are ovulating and most fertile, etc....but you can also use a mirror or have your husband look to see if your cervix and or vagina has a bluish tinge to it rather than helps if you know what it normally looks like when you're not pregnant...if it's bluish or purplish you may very well be pregnant. I hope that helped, good luck and baby dust!
    Zakaru replied to crystrav1981's response:
    Well it wouldn't so much get my hopes up, we weren't exactly trying. =P But if I was we would still be happy. I was going to buy a two pack, so I could test on Friday and again late next week if its negative and I still haven't gotten 'it'. Thanks for the info though, I never knew you could check your cervix! >.<
    gbakrimi responded:
    test the day after i missed my period. and i took 4 test that day and they all came back Positive..It wasn't even the first morning urine neither. but i felt sick real quickly. i think i already knew i was pregnant before i took the test. my boyfriend didn't believe me until i heard the heartbeat Last week. but all i can say it listen to what your body is saying
    sverdekal replied to Therhry's response:
    i've been feeling under the weather the past week or so ... very tired, "twinge-like" pains, moodiness, dizzy- both sitting and standing and i make more than average trips to the restroom, but sometimes cannot go. my cycles are usually 28 days due to my being on the pill; however, my husband and i agreed that i would stop taking them after my last cycle. on days 13 and 14, we threw caution to the wind and didn't use any precautions. my period isn't due until the end of the month. is it too early to test or am i just confusing everything with gas and low blood sugar?
    Therhry replied to sverdekal's response:
    It could very well be gas and low blood sugar. About a week b4 my period I usually get moody and irritable (I like to call it less tolerant ), I crave anything sweet, I bloat, my breasts get a little tender, my nipples go a little darker and I cramp and get a lot of gas. You see why one could mistake these symptoms for preggy ones? They're almost identical. With every 1 of my babies (I've got 3 - 19, 11, 8 & preggers with my 4th (19wks 5d) ) I never had ANY signs that I was pregnant; just a missed period. I'm also regular, have been since I started getting periods 18 years ago and have always charted on a calendar when I get my period. When my new hubby and I decided to have a child (I was a bit reluctant as I'm 40 this year), I started ovulation charting and checking cervical mucus and temperature etc. I got to know my body VERY well. Even though it took huggy and I OVER a year to conceive we've always been patient and had fun doing about TTC. We've always kept channels of communication open between us and discussed things and looked at the brighter side of everything. Now that we're preggers we're over the moon!

    Don't get your hopes up or set yourself up for disappointment as we can also make ourselves feel things that aren't there. I remember how disappointed I was each month when I got my period and it was another failed attempt, but I kept my spirits up and knew that when the time was right it would happen and low and behold it happened for us the first week of December. These PTK's are usually extremely accurate ONLY if you use them 7-10 days AFTER your period is supposed to arrive and that's usually when the hCG hormones are the highest in your blood stream. You do also get tests that test b4 your period is due, but I personally wouldn't rely on them too much. Your other option of course and one that doesn't lie is a blood test. Your results can show up positive 2wks after conception.

    Just relax and try not to stress too much. I know the wait is the hardest, but hey, one way or another you'll have your answer.

    All the best to you!

    Theresa Henry
    South Africa
    eager2bprego responded:
    I too am wondering about this. I am about 5 days away from my period coming and have had sensitive/tingling nipples on and off for the past few days. I tend to get dizzy when I stand up regularly so I'm not sure if I am experiencing that more now or not. I have been pretty constipated the past few days and yesterday while working out I had some cramping in my lower right stomach. I get some nauseas moments, more when I'm sitting than standing. Are these pregnancy symptoms or are they all in my head? How early is too early to test? I really want to be pregnant and I don't want to be disappointed by creating something in my head.
    Therhry replied to eager2bprego's response:
    It sounds to me like this is just pre-menstrual symptoms. A women's blood sugar can drop quite low the week b4 she gets her period. I also can get nauseous in that week and dizzy, but I usually get a splitting headache (another thing you get when you're preggers) the day or two b4 I actually start bleeding. You mention that you're constipated. Are you getting enough fibre in your diet right now bcoz that could be causing it too? I get the opposite in the week b4 my period - I get a runny tummy - ugh

    Wait 7-10 days past your period due date like I said and then test. Sometimes we can also be late for whatever reason. I know the first "false alarm" my hubby and I got was in September 08 when I thought I'd conceived (I was 5 days late) and did a pregnancy test and it came out negative (I tested 2 days after I was due) and then thought I'd wait a few more days and on the 5th day there was the red robot! I was SO peeved but I realised that these tests are really only useful 7-10 days after you've skipped your period. Then they are really accurate and don't usually lie.
    Zakaru replied to Therhry's response:
    Like I think I said earlier, I normally don't feel like this before my period, so I was just curious to see what others had to say about early pregnancy signs. I've had the same god awful cramps since I started menstruating years ago. They normally start about a week before my period. I have yet to feel any sort of cramping of any sort. Most of my premenstrual symptoms are pretty much the same, so when they go missing I get a little worried, lol.
    An_218427 replied to sverdekal's response:
    Helloooo there,

    I'm very much new to all this. my husband and I decided to start trying for our first's all so exciting and to be honest a little bit scary....

    I'm finding it hard to determine my ovulation since i have a cycle which is close to 28 days but it varies from month to month i.e. sometimes it is exactly 28 days but it can also be 25, 26 or 27 days....each time i change the lenght of my cycle in the ovulation calendar i obviously get a different ovulation how am i going to know when are the best days to try??

    I'm 2 weeks away from my period and i'm starting to feel some mild symptoms (period) i just imagining things??
    How can a person remain calm and patient during this time?

    Sorry for all the questions but i'm really confused
    Therhry replied to An_218427's response:
    Hi there and welcome! It is normal to start feeling symptoms of a period as early as 2 weeks b4. Every women is different and that's the beauty of us all!

    Cycles can vary by 2-5 days. Mine is the same but to calculate your ovulation, I've found the best way is through charting. Get yourself a calendar that you can write on and do the following:-

    When you start your period mark it on the day you started (this means cycle day 1). Take your temp first thing in the morning too b4 you get up and mark it on the calendar for that day. You'll need a calendar that has lots of space for you to write on so perhaps you can make up your own. Then keep doing this everyday until your period is over. Once that's happened start to check your cervical mucus. In other words, insert 2 fingers into your vagina and move them around a little and extract them. Check to see what the mucus looks like and chart this on your calendar for that day. Dont' 4get to take your temp first thing in the morning. Just after your period your mucus should be sticky and break easily and appear white or creamy in color. Keep checking your cervical mucus everyday and your temp and your will start noticing a subtle change in both. Towards your fertile period your mucus becomes jelly-like and clear mixed with a little white and very stringly (it looks like egg white). When it is like this you are ovulating so you and hubby need to go for it!

    I found this was the best method (to check cervix and temp) because my cycle also varies from month to month by a few days. Once I actually started to do this, I got to know my body well very quickly and started knowing by checking that the prediction calendars are incorrect. I ovulate day 11 or 12 of my cycle starting from the first day of my period. Those calculators were telling me I was ovulating on day 16 or 17 of my cycle! No wonder it took hubby and I over a year to conceive!!!

    Do it this way and you will notice after a few months a pattern emerging but PLEASE write it down for the specific day and also write down if you and hubby have sex and the time you did it. It helps to work things out too!

    Good luck and hope you're successful!
    Zakaru replied to Therhry's response:
    Well today is my missed period day! My breasts have become so tender its hard to wear anything over them. I get little flutters of 'cramps', but they only last a few seconds and aren't really more then an 'inside tickle'. I went home early from work last night, I was having trouble not losing my dinner all over everything. Even if I'm not, my husband and I have decided to keep trying, as the prospect of not being pregnant, makes both feel a little empty on the inside. So one way or another you'll be hearing more from me. Wish us luck! ^.^
    keatonsmom07 replied to Zakaru's response:
    With both of my pregnancies, now being one of them, I took a dollar store HPT. Both times it showed me that I was preggo. Now that just may be my own hormone levels coming through, but if your curiousity is driving you insane-- I say take a test!! (I didnt even use 1st morn urine for my 2nd pregnancy). Also, something to check would be your areoula's--little bumps form, (Im not sure what the right name for them are), that are supposed to help with milk production. And sometimes your areoulas get darker.


    I'll be looking for some good news!!

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