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Barbecuing and Pregnancy
cleoking1305 posted:
Spring is here, and I love the great outdoors; this includes barbecuing. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I can cook up some great barbecue. I've entered my second trimester, and was wondering if the fumes are hazadous to my health and my baby's health. Keep in mind I do cook outside on my balcony which happens to be well ventilated. Is there any advice out there about this concern? I know I can't be the only preggo here that likes to barbecue!
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
I know of no contraindications to barbecuing other than the risk as you get further in pregnancy in which you abdomen will be sticking out and possibly get burnt if you get too close. You should not be at risk of any problems at this point in time related to barbecuing.
cleoking1305 replied to Robert O Atlas, MD's response:
Wow! Thank you doctor! I didn't think I would get a response this fast. I really appreciate it and I will have my hubby do the rest of the barbecuing when the belly gets bigger

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