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Can I be pregnant at 15 and a freshman in highschool?
An_218448 posted:
Ok so I'm 15 and my boyfriend is a few months older then me. We've been together for almost 6 months but we've been having sex for only 4 months. When we have sex we do it multiple times a day. He always uses the "pull out method" and lets the cum go on my stomach or he lets it drip onto my clitoris. We were together for our spring break and I was on my period but on my 3rd and 4th day I wasn't bleeding so we had sex and he decided to cum inside of me and kept his penis in me for up to 5 minutes after he came then he took it out. The next day I still wasn't bleeding so we did it again and he came inside of me again but instead of stopping we continued to have sex and he came in me again. 2 days after that I was barely bleeding and then about a week after that we had sex more but he pulled it out. This was in the first 2 weeks of April. Then on April 14th we had sex again but he decided to cum inn me and he kept his penis in me for about 3 minutes. Lately I've been overly exhausted and extremely moody. I get mad so easily and i cried so much when my boyfriend went on a trip for one day. I am losing a lot of the cloudy discharge and eating a lot and getting stretch marks like crazy on my butt and breasts....Can I be pregnant? Am I pregnant? whats the percentage of me being pregnant?
An_218449 replied to moniqie23's response:
I get it I'm stupid I know But he's gotten me pregnant one time before and he stuck around and helped me and he still loves me but even more and then i got in a fight at school (I got jumped by 4 girls and 2 boys) and i lost it. He was sad because I was hurt and that I lost the baby. I know he's not going to leave me. Plus if i become pregnant I'm getting mifeprex
moniqie23 replied to An_218449's response:
Please listen to me, you are a child, the reason why your post is making me insanely upset is because I too was a teen mother, I had my first daughter when I was only 15 years old, I was very fortunate to be able to finish high school and go to college, but I can't say the same for many of my friends that got pregnant, my daughter does not know who her father is because even though he said he would never leave, he ended up leaving, you two are kids,I think back to when I was your age and thought I knew everything, and I think god how stupid I was, I wished I had listen to my family, I wouldnt have struggled as much as I did if I didn't have a baby so young. Besides what will you do to support a baby, babies need clothes they need things, love isn't going to take care of a baby alone, please get help honey, please believe me when I tell you he will not stay, it just doesn't work that way, he's a kid, and he will get bored. You have a lot of growing up to do and so does he. Please keep me updated to your situation, your young, your only a year older than my oldest daughter, and I thank god that I have pounded all that I am telling you know into my daughters head and I have confidence in knowing that this will not be my daughters story.
Amiee11909 replied to moniqie23's response:
Wow I never knew that....In reality I am actually very scared about this situation. Can't being pregnant when your really tiny kill you? I'm barely 5 feet and i way 96 pounds.
moniqie23 replied to Amiee11909's response:
pregnancy can kill any women, but pregnancy in a child is not easy, I had a lot of complications while I was pregnant and it was a very stressful time for me., what's mifeprex???
An_218450 replied to moniqie23's response:
What happened during your pregnancy at 15 so i can brace myself? and mifeprex is the abortion pill
moniqie23 replied to An_218450's response:
You know what, I really hope that you don't have to go through an abortion, or pregnancy. My pregnancy is a really long story, all I can say is that it was the hardest time of my life, I had never been more depressed in my life.
Do you have a mother you could talk to? you will need family to help you with these decisions, I was told that my baby was going to have downs syndrome (mental retardation), so I had to have a test done where they stuck a really long needle into my uterus to take some of the fluid that surrounds the baby for 100% test results for the Down syndrome, thank god she didn't have it, I have a very small frame so I was extremely uncomfortable, my daughter stopped growing inside of me so they had to take her out early, labor was the most pain I had ever felt. My daughter is now almost 14 years old and about to be a freshman in highschool herself, and lucky for me I will get to experience all of the things I missed out on, through my daughter. Life was difficult when my daughter was little, I had to work sometimes two jobs and go to school at the same time, I was fortunate to have found my husband, please start thinking about what your future will be like, finish school go to college, experience life, having a baby will prevent you from experiencing alot of things that you need to.
Sex isn't love, just because it feels good and because he says he loves you doesn't make it love, don't you have any goals or things you'd like to accomplish??
Amiee11909 replied to moniqie23's response:
Mifeprex is takin when u are around 9 weeks pregnant and all it feels like is a heavy period its on youtube you can watch the video. since your older then me, can you tell me when I should take a HPT? cause i really dont know when...and yes I have all my colleges planned out and places I wanna work at. I want to be an advanced nurse at a trauma hospital and be the chief of the emergency room. its been my dream since i was a little girl.
moniqie23 replied to Amiee11909's response:
If these are your dreams then why are you doing these things that could jepordize those dreams??? you can take a HPT by next Saturday. I've had an abortion, I know exactly what its like, and its traumatizing, abortions is something you'll have to live with, its sad, knowing that you ended a life because you were an idiot,
moniqie23 responded:
Have you looked online at what a 9 week old fetus looks like, at 9 weeks you can see a babies heartbeat, I'm not saying you should have a baby, but these things that you're taking so lightly are really serious and it just seems as though, your more concerned about keeping your BF happy, when he could careless about you, it's you who will have to live with these decisions, someday he will move on and forget all about you and the heartbreak you endured losing a baby or aborting one. Open your eyes kid.
ambervalero replied to An_218450's response:
so let me get this straight...if you are pregnant, you plan on an abortion right? Obviously you know that you are not ready for a baby. If that is the case, either don't have sex (you're a teenager I know that is not realistic) OR use protection. You can get condoms for free from the public health department in your area. I have had multiple miscarriages (but no abortions) and I can tell you that knowing your pregnant and then suddenly not being pregnant is devastating. And having a child at such a young age increased the chances of your baby having birth defects. If nothing else, please wait for the sake of your possible children. You are still young, take advantage of that while you still can. :) My thoughts and prayers are with you.
moniqie23 replied to ambervalero's response:
very well said
phoenixfire76 responded:
Yes you could be pregnant.

The chances of becoming pregnant when you have unprotected sex is 20%.

Sadly no one can tell you right now if you are indeed pregnant or not right now.

You are going to have to wait until your next expected period and *if* you miss it by more than 3-5 days then you can try a home test with 1st morning urine.

You don't need people lecturing you about the 'evils' of unprotected sex ect., or how you are a bad person for doing such ect. You don't have to listen to anybody tell you that. You may only be 15 but you are a person and should be treated as such. I'm sorry you feel that you can not confide in you Mother, not everyone can run to their parents for comfort or help in a crisis.

I wish you the best of luck in what ever may happen.
An_218453 replied to phoenixfire76's response:
Thank u very much you made me feel a lot better pheonixfire76....i have an early pregnancy test can i take that? if so then when should i on what day?
phoenixfire76 replied to An_218453's response:
You are welcome.

You can take a early home test up to 6 days before your next expected period, but 1 depends on the brand and 2 the effectiveness of said test is way lower 3 you have to do it with 1st morning urine.

I had my eldest at 18 and got so much flack for it, don't let it get to you. It's your life, your decision of what you do with it, just go into what ever you decided with your eyes wide open. What ever happens or what ever you chose it's going to be a hard road, but go into know 100% that you made that decision with the best information at the time.

Best of Luck.

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