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Relevant Posts: Whooping Cough Vaccine in Pregnancy

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can someone help me...???
nelson09 posted:
ok so i am officially late, but still getting a negative question is that my dr has me on paxel which she told me if i got pregnant she would take me off....should i call for a blood test???? will the hormone be strong enough in my blood if its not showing in my urine???? Please let me know what you think
LillyMaezMom responded:
  • How late are you?Do you have any other symptoms?Paxel is an antidepressant if I remember correctly.Do not stop this medicine without talking to your doctor first.These meds need to be tapered down in dosage to minimize withdrawals and the effects of withdrawals.I had to abruptly stop an antidepressant during my third pregnancy and I felt horrible and my head was heavy like it was full of water.Hope this is helpful.
nelson09 replied to LillyMaezMom's response:
am 2 days late...i called the dr today and they want me to wait til the end of the week for a blood test. she did tell me that if i found out i was pregnant she would want me to stop taking the paxel....she put me on it because of anxiety.

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