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Low Blood Sugar
clareangela posted:
Has any one experinced a drop in their blood sugar levels in early pregnancy as a non diabetic?

Thanks clareangela
pajama_mama responded:
I've never had it during pregnancy cause well I snack alot but I am hypoglycemic- which means I fight to keep my blood sugar up. The best thing you can do is eat alot of small meals cut out the soda's and processed sugars and substitute for fruits and simple sugars you find in unprocessed foods. If you are hypoglycemic be careful after you deliver though after 3 of my 4 kids my sugar levels would plumit to the point I'de wind up passing out and winding up in the er. GL HTH's
LillyMaezMom responded:
  • orange juice peanut butter and peanuts are very good blood sugar stabalizers.Try not to grab sweets when you feel your sugar dropping this only makes the next low sugar worse.Also drink lots of water cause sometimes if your just mildly dehydrated you'll get the same feeling.See your doc asap and tell them about these episodes.Good Luck!
Therhry responded:
Oh yes I've had it since I fell pregnant and it's horrible and quite frightening at times! I've upped my intake of food by making sure I eat 6 small healthy meals every 2 hours and making sure I have a bottle of pure apple juice with all the time. Apple juice spikes your blood sugar levels very quickly and helps it normalise quickly too, that's why diabetics use it. Make sure you have a good supply of low g.i. foods around like crackers and cheese etc. as well as fresh fruit and veggies. Do stay away from food that has no nutritional value to you like junk food. GL and I hope this helps.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
I do agree with the other posts. You should also make sure you have a good amount of protein with your meals. Sweets will only temporarily get yours sugars up. The protein like peanut butter or crackers with cheese or meats will help keep the sugars up longer and they also taste good too. You should definately talk with your doctor and have him/her potentialy prescribe your a glucometer to watch your readings to see how low you are are going. Good luck and take care.

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