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Questionable Miscarriage
mom15112012 posted:
I feel at a total loss. I have four children and think that I am may be experiencing a miscarriage. I say I think because I am about 8 weeks along and over the last weekend had quite a bit of bleeding and cramping. The bleeding slowed with rest, but then started again after activity. I had my blood drawn (HCG and progesterone) on Friday and repeated yesterday. I was originally told that Friday my HCG was 210,000 and that it should double every 48 hours. But yesterday my HCG was only 264,000. The doctor's office was not too concerned and wants to do an ultrasound today. Can someone please tell me if I should be concerned? Just for your information- I have a medical background, so please be honest and upfront. Thank you.
LillyMaezMom responded:
  • I'm sorry for what your going through.I suffered a miscarriage before my three kids were born so I understand what pain you are experiencing.I am going to honest with you this doesn't sound too hopeful.Just the physical pain is almost unbearable not to mention the emotional.I wish you the best of luck!
Jennax907 responded:
I know that when I went in my initial HCG was 900 and it only went up to 1260 48 hours later. The doctors were not too concerned. Here I am 18 weeks pregnant. GL-and think positive.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
For now keep your head up. Each baby is a little different. Let us know what the ultrasound says. See if you can see the babies little ticker going. Generally in most cases you can start to see the babies heart beat around that time. Sometimes sooner ( as early as 6 weeks 3 days). Think positive to that your hcg level hasn't gone down which is an indicator of a miscarriage. Once you have the ultrasound you should consider repeating the hcg levels in one week to determine if it has or hasn't changed. A friend of mine bled through most of her pregnancy and in the beginning it was pretty significant so they kept a more watchful eye on her and she now has a 11 month old baby girl named olivia. She is now expecting her 2nd baby this october.Best of luck and keep us posted.

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