An_218498 posted:
My fiance' and I are TTC! We've only been trying for 4 months but i am concerned I am 26 and I am a very healthy women. I have a four yr old to a previous relationship after I had her my boyfriend had cheated on me. We of course broke up but he had gave me an STD which then caused PID. I got treated right away well right when I noticed symptoms. I know that PID can cause infertility my dr. said its a small chance that I am but I'm still scared. They said they have to wait a year after TTC to test to see if I am infertile. We want a baby so bad. I just want to know how big is the chance of infertility and if I am is there fertility treatments?
phoenixfire76 responded:
I would suggest keep trying and follow your Dr.'s advice.

Best of Luck.
Babe_girl33 responded:
ttc for 8 yrs
baby due in August

I went through a similar situration and the infection scarred my insides , I had a laproscopy, I did the clomid (2 cycles)
I finally gave up and stop trying and focusing on a baby and started to be happy In Jan I had a positive test and my baby is due in August.
SharleeR replied to Babe_girl33's response:
I only had PID once and it says if you have it more then once it increases your chance of infertility. So I'm praying for the best. We are gonna try to not have sex for a couple weeks and only have sex when i am ovulating. I am buying an ovulation test this weekend. I just started my period yesterday so I have to wait. My fiance' is very supportive but I am still so nervous. I want to have a baby soon bc I am reaching thirty in just a couple years. I will be 27 in July. So happy that you are now pregnant good luck. Thank you both.