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Relevant Posts: Whooping Cough Vaccine in Pregnancy

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This is Weird
schatzi23 posted:
ok- I was due for my period on the 26th of April and it was 4 days late. I took 2 tests and they were negative. I have NEVER been late on my period, but all of a sudden I am. Now I am on my period (day #5) and I am so concerned of what is going on. I have been off BCPs since Nov 2009 adn nothing else has changed. My cycle has always been 28-29 days apart. Crazy....
schatzi23 responded:

The correct date my period was due was on Thursday, April 22nd and I got it on Monday, April 26th.

Sorry for the typo!
phoenixfire76 replied to schatzi23's response:
If you are having a normal period after 2 negative tests then you are not pregnant.

Lots of things can throw your cycle off, I was 4 days late last month and still haven't figured out why.

Best of Luck.
schatzi23 replied to phoenixfire76's response:
Wow! I guess there's a first time for everything. Thanks for your input.

Best of Luck to you as well!

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