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broken pelvis & childbirth??
mustanggirl200225 posted:
In July 08 I was hit head on by a drunk driver. My left ankle was broken and my right ankle was shattered. My pelvis was fractured in several places, spine separated from sacrum, and hip was broken. The trauma ortho. placed two rods in pelvis to stabilize and screw in hip.
I am 27 weeks pregnant now and my ob just got my records from hospital showing just the procedures done while there. I have been telling the ob my concerns the entire time, and now that they have these records, they now know why. The ob said last visit that the anesthesiologist may not do an epidural. I have several concerns here, 1: I cannot do this natural. I was induced with daughter without epidural(it was given too late) and know how that is. 2: I don't think my pelvis can even expand to accomodate baby during birth. I believe I need to have c-sec. If they can't do an epidural or spinal, how would they do a c/sec? This is becoming a big concern for me- can't do this natural, or with epidural, and don't know if i can even deliver vaginal....any input is appreciated!!
Kay_And responded:
I am not an expert but I would agree that you probably can not do a vaginal birth.

To do a c-section without and epi they would probably have to put you to sleep.
Rubberboa responded:
The front of my pelvis is fused and it has ortho hardware in it. (plate & 4 screws)The pelvic ring was just narrow at the top and both my babies came out vaginally. Have your OB check your pelvic ring to see if its deformed and get his opinion as to where or not s/he thinks its safe to deliver vaginally.

Other poster is correct. no epi/spinal would mean general anesthesia for a c-section.

Did you have first baby prior to accident?

Second deliverys are not as tramatic as the first. Its like your body goes, "oh hey, I've done this before."
Hopefully you won't need induced again (once was enough for me!)

With a built in jungle gym in your pelvis are you having any problems with your exspanding belly and back pain?

mustanggirl200225 replied to Rubberboa's response:
in response to your questions- i have two other son is 12 and my daughter is 6. i had to be induced with both. and yes, i've been having alot of problems with back pain and pelvic pain...the last ob visit i had and discussed everything with dr, she said i was pretty going to have ALOT of discomfort. she just said that during a normal pregnancy, a woman will have alot of discomfort but with me, i will be tremendously more miserable! yeah, no kidding, right? my concerns are just because of how the rods were placed-my pelvis won't be able to expand-which the side effect of that so far has been that my belly is even bigger-it's being pushed upward and out, since it really can't settle down in the pelvic cavity. my pubic bone was also broken so its also compromised and i don't know if it will be able to expand how it needs...actually, my dr. called me yesterday and they said the dr. had talked to the anesthesiologist and he DID need the x-ray films but i would be able to talk with him next visit...
ginnie817 replied to mustanggirl200225's response:
mustanggirl - i am curious... what was the outcome??? i ask because i have a metal plate in my pelvis from a car accident many years ago and i am currently 33 weeks pregnant. my obgyn thinks i could probably do a vaginal birth, but since i was told by 3 orthopedic surgeons over the years that i should have a c-section, he is going with that. my c-section is scheduled for 12/1.

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