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My girlfriend missed a birth control pill. What now?
An_218655 posted:
OK, we have a very specific problem. Someone please help me out

My girlfriend takes her birth control pill at 10PM every day (she has been on it since January and has taken it every day since then). However, on Saturday, she forgot to take it. On Sunday, she took one pill like normal.

On Monday morning, we had sex (with a condom too, but it slid off a little after intercourse so it probably wasn't completely effective). That night at 10, when she normally takes her pills, she remembered that she didn't take her pill on Saturday (48 hours ago at the time), so she took two pills.

Would it be wise to take Emergency Contraception in this case, or am I overreacting? If it helps, she was about 4-7 pills away from her placebo pills when she took two.

Thank you so much!
An_218656 responded:
It takes about 30days for the medication to be completely out of her system, and it was only one pill. Emergancy Contraception is for completedly unprotected sex.
An_218657 responded:
wouldn't worry at all most likely shes out of the Fertility Zone anyway based on the number of pills she has left..

Honey i've poked HOLES in condoms not being on the pill and not gotten PG.. LOL.. (yes i was married to the man and still am) lolol

besides your condom fell off after wards most likely cause it was slipery from body fluids and if she was keegling it would easily pull the condom off.. or Just leak out the side of the condom..

You should use Condoms all the time anyway to protect from HIV and other STDs.. BC pills will not protect you from that!
An_251163 replied to An_218656's response:
What about this same situation just unprotected. Sex??
An_251165 responded:
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