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What prenatal vitamins to choose?
CPfoto posted:
My OB/GYN said that any prenatal over the counter vitamins were ok, but he could give me a script for others if I wanted them. Looking at what prenatals WebMD recommends, most over the counter vitamins do not meet those standards. I also think I am allergic to iodine as I have diarrhea and vomiting when eating seafood and some ice creams and most prenatals contain iodine. Which ones should I choose?
kremp1976 responded:
From what my ob/gyn told me, is that as long as the vitamins have atleast 400-600 IU of folic acid in them they are fine. If you take an over the counter prenatal and have problems taking them seeing as one side effect of them is constipation, due to the larger amounts of iron in them, I was told that just folic acid is ok to take. You can always talk to your dr. if you may think you are allergic to iodine and what vitamin may be the best to take. Good luck.
lisax4156 responded:
Actually, most prenatal vitamins contain at least the recommended doses, if not a bit higher than what is required. If they don't, then find a different vitamin.

I was taking a prescription vitamin, but got tired of dealing with the insurance company changing them monthly, so I went OTC for them. I started taking Nature Made Prenatal vitamins with DHA. These don't have iodine in them. They do have fish oil in them (for DHA). These are $10 for a 30 day supply. They're also a softgel.

I used to take an OTC vitamin before going to a prescription as they made me nauseated.

If you eat well, the foods that you eat will contain more vitamins in addition to what you're already taking. I wouldn't stress too much on the vitamin's contents as long as they have the minimum requirements..

vanessagw23 responded:
As a researcher in the field of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and fetal development I would say that it is extremely important to take a prenatal vitamin that has around 800mcg of Folic Acid, 200-300mg of Omega-3 fatty acids, around 700mg of B6, about 700 IU of Vitamin D, 450-550mg of Choline, about 1500mg Calcium, and don't forget the iron too but you'll have to check with your doctor about that amount or look on PubMed for what is reccommended. Hope that this is helpful!


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