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Are water rides and roller coasters safe is I'm 2 weeks pregnant?
lets522 posted:
My husband and I had a trip planned to Six Flags before we knew I was pregnant. The park has roller coasters as well as a water park with water rides. If I'm 2 1/2 weeks pregnant is it safe to ride them? Thanks!

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sliverfroggy responded:
I know that they are not recommended but when my mom was pregnant with me they went to a park and she went on numerous roller coasters and I am fine. Now she didn't know she was pregnant otherwise I don't think she would have ridden the rides. I would call your OB and ask them but I would have to say no rides for you. Sorry
tlkittycat1968 responded:
At our local State Fair, all the rides, even the Merry Go Round, have signs that say no pregnant women. I wouldn't risk going on any rides. When I was pregnant, the only ride I went on was the monorail.
jmarsh81 responded:
We had actually gotten season passes right before I found out I was pregnant too. My dr told me that it was ok until I was about half way through the pregnancy. I rode one of the biggest coasters at carowinds around 10 wks. I am almost 19 wks now and wouldnt get on one. I say ask your dr, but the baby is small enough and protected enough right now it shouldn't be a problem.
Robert O Atlas, MD replied to sliverfroggy's response:
The official response is NO, you should not go. You will also note many different signs on rides that will say "if you are pregnant you should not go on this ride". The safest thing to do is not go on them.

If however, you are adventuresome then you may want to give it a try. I doubt you will be harmed this early in pregnancy. I think the real issue is how much do you want this pregnancy. If this is planned and a very desired pregnancy, then don't do it. Otherwise you need to figure it out.

Your doctor will tell you not to do it.
SmileyKylie569 responded:
I most definately wouldn't be doing any water rides (like slides and stuff) but I would do SOME (not ones that are way violent in the way they throw you around) roller coasters.. I know all Doctors will say not to though. Its probably safer not to, for sure.
aftershoc responded:
I rode roller coasters until I started showing at 4 months. It was no big deal. My baby boy came out fine. And I am pregnant again. I am 7 months and rode a waterslide. It wasn't a very wild waterslide, but I still rode it. The babies are more protected in our tummies than what we think. Enjoy your vacation.
michelleloehr replied to aftershoc's response:
I wouldn't do anything that pulls g-force or where you get bumped around. I rode the ferris wheel at 9 weeks even though it had a no pregnant women sign but I think that was okay no real risk of injury there
Jen93727 responded:
My mom was 4 months with my brother (many yrs ago) and she went on all the big rides at Disneyland that jerked around and went fast. We just went again this past weekend and I am 17 wks, I stuck to the kiddie rides with my 3 yr old. Nothing too violent or fast. The fastest thing was the tea cups I believe and even thats not very fast.

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