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Very Active Fetus! Good or Bad?
dovesanders posted:
I am almost 7months pregnant and my baby Boy is very active always moving day and night! I am just wondering if this is okay! I know I want him to be an active baby but I am just wondering if it means something that he is always moving. Anything you can tell me will help I appricate it.
cleoking1305 responded:
Hi, my son was very active also and he came out just fine. Of course I was concerned about this as well because I thought he would be hyperactive. I talked to my doctor and he said I didn't have anything to worry about. Every pregnancy is different thought because now my daughter (20 weeks) isn't quite as active as my son was. I aslo heard an old wives' tale that boys tend to be more active than girls in the womb; maybe there is some merit to that...
stewkaat responded:
My dr says that is totally a good sign! They say this is the month when they are most active and some babies are more active than others. More active is good. Especially if you have to do a kick count to make sure everything is ok!
I think your baby boy is doing just wonderfully!
truewyatt responded:
My ds was very active and he is just fine. He is a strong healthy little boy.
dovesanders replied to stewkaat's response:
Thank you very much! Your answer really helped me. I am sort of an worry wort and I didnt want to make a big deal an call my dr so I was hoping to get some answers from here and you helped very much thank you for taking the time to answer my question!

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