34 Weeks and Pain in Lower Belly
thisthatandtheother posted:
I'm 34 weeks along in my 4th pregnancy. All 3 of my prior deliveries were c-sections. I'm having sharp, strong pains on the left side of my lower belly, very low down, just above the hipbone. Sometimes it lasts for a few minutes, sometimes a few hours. It doesn't feel like contractions or ligament pain. It doesn't feel as though the baby is "pushing" in that area either. I do get a sore spot on the top of my belly that hurts when the baby kicks or pushes against it, but that pain is different. Any thoughts?
jmarsh81 responded:
I have the same problem. 4th pregnancy, 2 prior c-sections. My dr said it is the scar tissue stretching, and can be very very painful. HTH. I would ask your dr to make sure. I am only 20 wks, but have been having this problem since about 10 wks. But from what my dr says, there is nothing you can really do for the pain. Good luck.
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4everronsgirl responded:
I had the same problem with my last two preganancys. I had gallbladder surgery right after having my first son and the internal scars pull and are painful. To just be sure I would have the dr check for a cyst. I have a huge one that I am having removed tomorrow and I'm 11 weeks with number four.