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Ovarain Cyst or Pregnant? both?
Dev05 posted:
I have had an Ovarian Cyst before and it was quiet painful. This time i am having pregnancy symptoms along with it. i did look this up and they said it happens. I have taking 2 test both came out negative , but even though my right side pain has substied for the most part anyways i still countiune to pregnancy symptoms. Sore Breast, Nausea, tiredness<alot during midday> low back pain, exsessive urination ( like i seriously have to pee every 20 mins) trouble sleeping at night, sometimes the right side pain switches over to the left. I just cant figure out if im pregnant or its the cyst causing all these problems. my period not due until around the 26 of July. And then im worryed that i am pregnant and have a cyst witch i read can be unsafe?? So i guess my question is Does Ovarian Cyst really cause all these symptoms or is it most likely i am pregnant.
Brewster83 responded:
Hi there,

I am 8 weeks pregnant and have had similar symptoms to what you're describing. I've done some research on my own and have found that the pain may be a result of a luteal cyst. This cyst can latch on during the development of the placenta, rather than dissolving. Eventually it will go away and it's not anything to worry about. I haven't had any bleeding, so I am planning to bring this up to my doctor at my next appointment at 10 weeks. You very well may be pregnant, but then again, I've had your symptoms in the past and have not been pregnant. Also, you may want to check in to see if you have a UTI since a lot of your symptoms (low back pain, nausea, excessive urination) occur if you have an infection.
Amiee11909 responded:
I am only 15 yrs old and my right fillopian tube is covered in sists. Yes it is extremely painful to the point to where i cannot sit, stand, walk, lay down, or even toss and turn in my bed. a few of them have rubtured but they only do when it is my time of ovulation. I had all of the same symptoms as you. my bf and i did have sex and i was concerned we had conceived a little sea monkey but no we didnt. It just turned out to be my sists. Did you have sex during ovulation or 3 and less days before ovulation? if so then you could get a 50/50 chance of pregnancy. but also have your doctor check you for ovarian cancer. there are treatments for that dont worry. it could be sists just like me.

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