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Drug Testing and Pregnancy
mnmommy2be posted:
I have heard stories of pregnant moms smoking marijuana occasionally during pregnancy and up to the due date. They had no problems after birth with social services or having their baby taken away. Then I heard about a family that did have their child taken away. Can a pregnant woman be drug tested without her knowledge and why are some cases different than others? I live in Minnesota. Does the clinic determine drug testing or the insurance company or is it random? And doesn't it violate the mother's rights to privacy?
MNMommy3 responded:
I don't understand why this topic keeps coming up. I'm in Minnesota as well and I believe that they only do newborn drug testing if the physician and/or staff have reason to believe the mother has been using. And I wouldn't think it violates the mother's right to privacy as they would be testing the newborn baby. I personally think that if you use any sort of "street" drug during pregnancy, you shouldn't have any "right to privacy" in regard to your newborn baby.
~Kelly (31), DB (30), DS (12), DS (5), little GIRL due 01/09/11.
mnmommy2be replied to MNMommy3's response:
I would like a professional answer, not a personal opinion. A newborn baby has it's own rights and therefore gets tested and thats reasonable. An unborn child however is considered the mothers property and falls under her rights. This is a constitutional issue i am interested in. My question was when and why are some pregnant women (as in women carrying an unborn child not the newborn baby itself) tested and is it based on suspicion, the insurance policy, or clinics policy...what is the standard for this? As I mentioned above, some users have faced the courts while others have not, and I want to know the reason for that..although opinions are fun, cold hard facts are what I'm looking for. :)
MNMommy3 replied to mnmommy2be's response:
I'm not 100% on this, but I'm sure it has to do with state laws. And I don't think they can test the mother BEFORE she gives birth, without her consent.
~Kelly (31), DB (30), DS (12), DS (5), little GIRL due 01/09/11.
babyboyjan21 replied to MNMommy3's response:
they tested me and i didnt know and i know they test you and baby right after delivery
MNMommy3 replied to babyboyjan21's response:
I guess I wasn't aware that they test both mom and baby right after delivery. I don't mind though as I don't use any illegal substances. I think it's a good idea that many states are doing required drug screenings on newborn babies.
~Kelly (31), DB (30), DS (12), DS (5), little GIRL due 01/09/11.
MSettle78 replied to MNMommy3's response:
They do test you also radomly at any OB Apts when they take your blood . And also if they find anything they report it to DCF usually . I worked with children my whole life thats how i know. Aslo when they do test you some hospitals DO have the right totake the baby once born I dont know for how long but if they find it in your blood or in the babys blood they defintly do not let it go unknown. I know that you dont want a personal opinion but you have to remember that what goes into your mouth being (SMOKE) it goes right to the baby so think before you do it . It is going straight into the baby .... Im not saying its the worse thing but its not good for the lungs. And trust me its not worth it :)
Byroney_WebMD_Staff replied to mnmommy2be's response:
Dear mnmommy2be,

To get a professional answer, please seek a legal consult in the state or country you reside in. No one in this community is a lawyer who can advise you what the maternal/fetal laws are where you live.

Yours in health,

mnmommy2be replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
Perhaps someone can help with this. How accurate is the meconium test after birth? I was doing some research and there are contradicting studies on how far back meconium test can detect illicit drug use. Some say 16 weeks and on and some say 20 weeks and on. So, lets say a pregnant mother occasionally smoked marijuana up to the 19 th week, but immediately stopped for the rest of the pregnancy, would the meconium test show that usage? Or would the usage up to that point wear out of the system since there was no further use?

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