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6 Weeks and Shaky
bjd09 posted:
I'm pregnant with my first child, 36, and shocked out of my mind. I'm into my 6th week, and the last two days I've been really shaky and jittery, heads tingling, and hot/cold flashes. Am I losing my mind or is somthing really wrong?
mommyNtraining responded:
congratulations on your new baby! im not sure if its your blood sugar level or something else, if you cannot get to an OB/Gyno Dr for your prenatal appointment quickly enough, try to go to your reg dr for a blood test or maybe advice. you may need to start consuming more calories. I remember it hit me real hard when i had left my school and it was past noon, probably 1ish and i still hadnt eaten luch yet. i felt like major crap, as if i hadnt eaten in 3 days and going through anxiety attack or something, but as soon as i got some food in me i felt SOO much better. hope this helps, good luck!
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
I suspect that it might be the shocked out of your mind part that is causing the symptoms. I encourage you to get it checked out though.

In the meantime, be careful to eat on a regular basis and stay hydrated.

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