swollen labia 36 weeks pregnant
An_219372 posted:
am 36 weeks pregnant and today i noticed the right side of my labia is very swollen and very sore to the touch it hurts to sit down and get situated should i be concerned or is this normal
sam_bam23 responded:
what is a labia?
sam_bam23 replied to sam_bam23's response:
never mind i looked it up i feel stupid for ascking but dint know...sounds painful
EONeal82 responded:
it is absolutely normal. its another one of those lovely "side effects" that noone tells you about! I am 38 weeks pregnant and have been swollen down there for about 4 weeks now, I also experienced this in my 1st pregnancy.
Theres not much you can do to relieve this, but I find that wearing my fiance's boxer briefs or my own bigger fitting boy shorts versus my regular underwear helps. It gives "support" since theres some tightness to the briefs but since they arent my own bikini-style underwear they dont put pressure right on the immediate area.