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Pregnancy after an endometrial ablation
MelonyST posted:
Five years ago I had a tubal litigation then two years ago I had an endometrial ablation, I just found out that I maybe pregnant. After a little research I found that this can cause severe problems with the pregnancy, what are the risks and possible problems that can occur?
Kay Johnson, CNM responded:
Since endometrial ablation is a procedure to burn out your uterine lining, it all depends on how extensive the ablation was in your case. Most ablations are very extensive and pregnancies are very unlikely to occur. A few ablations leave significant lining behind and the uterus will support a pregnancy.

The OB will most likely refer you to a specialist who will evaluate your uterine lining and it's ablility to carry the baby to full term.

The worst case, if you are indeed pregnant, would be that you will miscarry. It is also possible that you could carry a baby for less than full term and deliver early.

Let us know what happens.