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expert advice please, baby seizures?
An_219402 posted:
Can babies have seizures in the womb? I am 39 weeks today, not experiancing any labor signs and my girl was moving around normally then suddenly my entire abdomen vibrated for roughly 10 seconds. it is NOT hiccups. She is still moving around in there, but not nearly as much as she was just before the vibrations. it reminded me of when my cousin gets a seizure and falls to the floor and her whole body shakes. what could it be?
Kay Johnson, CNM responded:
I see that it's been 3 days since this was posted. I hope you have been to the hospital or office and have been assured that the baby is fine.

I would like to add that OBs, midwives and nurses all are concerned when the mother is worried about her baby. We feel that each concern needs to be addressed. I would have had you go to the hospital for a quick check on the heart rate monitor. It's an easy usually reassuring test for all of us when mom is worried.