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Every pregnancy it different....
An_219404 posted:
Ok I am 38 weeks and 5 days and Im scheduled for inducment on Monday but lastnight I went to the bathroom and found lots of mucus... what does this mean? I have already lost my mucus plug and this is my thrid child and Ive never experienced anything like this with the other two pregnacies... and now everytime I go to the bathroom there is more mucus just clear jelly looking discharge but I havent had any contrations yet... what could this mean, am I going to make it until Monday?
Kay Johnson, CNM responded:
Your cervix can produce lots of mucus. Some women have a constant trickle of it in the last few months. Some women notice very little. It can be thick and gloppy or it can be as thin as water.

Unfortunately, either way, it is not a dependable sign of impending labor and is more common the more babies you have.