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Woke up sleeping on my back. Is that bad?
heat4heather posted:
I am almost to 13 weeks and woke up last night sleeping on my back. Is that bad? I could have been like that for hours.

I wouldn't have thought twice about it, but my friend (who is 6 months along) told me that sleeping on my back can cut off oxygen and nutrient flow to the baby while I sleep and cause problems.

Should I worry about it at 13 weeks?
Or only later in my pregnancy?
sam_bam23 responded:
im not sure but the reason it does is cause your baby is on your main artery to your heart which constricts your blood to your heart which decrease blood flow to the fetus im not sure how far along it starts to matter i think weight is the factor.
Kay Johnson, CNM responded:
I would say that this is an old wives tale, except, it's a recent scare. We never heard or worried about this 30 years ago.

It is possible that, late in pregnancy, you could lie so that your uterus compressed your large veins or arteries along your spine. If that happened, you would feel awful, awake or asleep, and roll over.

My theory is that when women started doing pregnancy aerobics, the instructors figured out that women could tolerate exercises on their backs. They made such a big issue of it in the classes that women carried this out to include sleeping at home.

There is no reported cases of babies being harmed in the way. I have, however, gotten lots of frightened women calling me at all hours of the day and night.
heat4heather replied to Kay Johnson, CNM's response:
So I can sleep in any way that is comfortable? I have also read sleeping on my left side is better for the baby, but I don't know if that is an old wives' tale as well.

It certainly is difficult to maintain a balance while hearing/reading so much information and advice. I want to do what is right and be healthy for me and the baby, but I don't want to be paranoid! I am only 13 weeks in and I feel like I am not allowed to do anything.
tlkittycat1968 replied to heat4heather's response:
I did pretty much everything while pregnant I did when I wasn't pregnant save drink alchohol. I went camping at 8 months and walked around our state fair at 8 1/2 months. I ate cold cuts (sparingly). I drank regular tea. I went to the gym.

If you're healthy to start with, you must be doing something right.