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Relevant Posts: Whooping Cough Vaccine in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy test
An_219421 posted:
I took a pregnancy test last night and saw a faint ghost line, not thinking anything of it and going on. This morning it was not a faint ghost line it was a very dark positive line! Do you think it could really be true???
StarryGrrl responded:
I think the instructions usually say not to read the test results after 30 minutes because as the test dries the test is no longer valid. If you saw a very faint line right after taking the test, it could mean that you are pregnant, but it's still very early. I would test again tomorow morning with your first morning urine (it's the most concentrated). I hope it all turns out the way you want it to.
Starla_94 responded:
a ghost line is as evap line. however i tested at just 10 DPO and my Faint positive didn't show up for over an hour..

i retested later that day and the next couple days.. with the same test type and they got darker and finally on 12 DPO the Positive showed up within the 1 minute.. vs 3-10 minutes for the others..

I recommend getting the First Responce Early PG test.. they worked the best for me..

retest again tomorrow

Keep in mind a Positive line (colored pink/blue) even faint is a positive A WHITE or "invisible line" is a ghost line and does NOT indicate pregnancy nessasarily..
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