Fever while 32 weeks pregnant
lreid50801 posted:
Little bit of background here:
I'm 32 weeks pregnant on modified bedrest with pre eclampsia
9 days ago I had a Bartholin's Abscess drained and was prescribed 10 days of antibiotics.
2 days ago I began to develop a yeast infection.
I'm now running a temp of 100.8 (ear thermometer)

I know running a temp while pregnant is not good, but 100.8 is pretty low grade. I'm an hour away from my hospital, do I need to be seen?
KBratt responded:
No, it is only a concern if your temp reaches 103 or higher...the baby is one degree warmer inside you, so when you reach 103 the baby is 104 & that is harmful to even an adult. Try taking a luke warm bath to try & open your pores & cool you down.

Hope that helps! Good Luck