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Safe exercise?
sweeterdownfall posted:
I've heard before that running during pregnancy is a pretty safe exercise, especially if you were a runner before becoming pregnant. But what about dancing? And if it is okay, for how long into a pregnancy?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Anything you did before getting pregnant is okay to do while you are pregnant, just at a lower intensity. I would say as long as you are still comfortable doing things, keep doing them. There will come a time when your center of gravity will have shifted due to your expanding belly and you will either have to adjust for that or decide to stop.
Kay Johnson, CNM responded:
As tlkittyat has suggested, whatever exercise you did before is safe with a few considerations that include a changing center of gravity. Another change is the softening of cartilage and ligaments that affect your joints. They become easier to hyperextend and therefore you can strain them easier. That's why so many women have lower back aches. The pelvis is a bit unstable and the muscles strain at holding everything together.

But exercise aimed at strengthing those muscles is helpful and stretches that ease the joints reduce some of the discomfort of late pregnancy.

So, certainly continue your running, with attention to your knees and hips. And dance away!

Theres a sweet You Tube video of one of my patients dancing to the song "Walk it Out"a week before her labor and delivery.

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