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What are the signs and symptoms of an amniotic fluid leak?
americas_girl87 posted:
I am 36 weeks pregnant with my second baby and would like to know. What are the signs and symptoms of an amniotic fluid leak? Every time I go to the OBG they ask if Im leaking any fluid. And I realy dont know if I am or not. No one has ever told me what to look for. What it looks like. What it smells like (if it even has a smell). Or what. Im clueless on all this. I never got to know what its like to have my water brake with my first baby. Is there supost to be blod in it or is it clear like water or is it yellowish? Please can some one let me know. Thanks.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
When my water started leaking, it was very runny, like water, and had no smell. There is not supposed to be blood in it. I don't know the color but I think it's clear.
americas_girl87 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Okay. Well I dont know if Im leaking or not. I have some wettness down there but not enuff to soke or leve a spot in my undiess. Im a hevyset women too and am not sher if Im just swetting down there or not. And it dosnt have a smell or color to it too. So I dont know what is up. Every time the doc ask if Im leaking, I always say "Not that I know of." and thats it. They say nothing ells about it. They dont check me to see if it is leaking. So yeah.

StarryGrrl replied to americas_girl87's response:
I asked my Dr. about this very thing just this afternoon. I told him that I had some extra wetness down there and I was a bit worried that it was amniotic fluid leaking. He said that even a slow leak would have me going through several regular sized pads a day, so if it isn't that much then it's probably just extra discharge which increases as the pregnancy goes on. I hope that helps.
2bbys4me responded:
when i went, with my daughter, u could be peeing a little bit, coughing, bending over ect. will do that, but they just said it was extra discharge, for me atleast.
americas_girl87 replied to 2bbys4me's response:
Okay. So I shouldnt worry thin from what ya'll are saying. Thanks. ^_^

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