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cdp200319 posted:
My husband and i have been remodeling our house, ive been painting, but making sure i have all windows up fans on and if i think for a second the paint is strong ill stop painting and leave, ive been using latex paint which i read was safe to use while being pregnant? i got a little scared and just recently started using a mask, ive been painting for awhile and am scared that i should have been concerned before despite what i herd about it being ok as long as im safe, do i have something to worry about or should i stop stressing?
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
So, you are correct, most latex paints are safe. Choosing a low E paint can be helpful in less odors. If you never got sickened by the patient you should be absolutely fine.

Having a mask and having adequate ventilation will help lesson the exposure.

You should be Ok. Good luck.