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Pregnancy symptoms late period but negative test?
Dev05 posted:
So just after my last period is started noticing my breast were sensitive, hurt them to take a shower (at time my nipples felt tingly) well this week the symptoms seem more intense like my fatigue i cant even make it till 3 i seriously sit down on the couch and im out for at least a hour. (had routine blood test 3 weeks ago doc called me back today to tell me i was showing up anemia, witch i had with both my pregnancy). I also started noticing this week i could smell my neighbors across the street cigg smoke from just having the window open and i cant stand it! had some on and off low back pain mild cramping but on my right side between my leg and pelvic. I was spose to start my period on Thursday (jan 20) my periods are always on schedule. I went into Plan Parent Hood this morning and took a urine test witch came back negative. They told me to wait 2 weeks and re-test. I can i of had pregnancy symptoms this long (sore breast) and late period and still a negative test?
Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
Dear Dev05,

Just in case you didn't see it, I posted a reply to This Question over on the Women's Health community.


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