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Is abdominal pain weeks after a miscarriage normal?
AlexWC posted:
Has anyone had abdominal/pelvic/flank pain weeks after their miscarriage? I m/c on Feb 25 at ~9 weeks (embryo was 6 weeks) but my pain began a few hours after I started to spot (I m/c 2 weeks later), and I still have it. It's on my left side- it's always constant and is a localized bloated/pressure-like, painful feeling on my left lower abdomen probably close to my ovary; it hurts when I sit or stand especially when I move suddenly. The other 2 locations alternate between being on my flank and being up near my last rib/left kidney, and I'm still trying to establish a pattern for when they flare up. Ibuprofen doesn't seem to help, and the pain doesn't seem to be triggered by food.

My u/s revealed no leftover tissue (I had a natural m/c), ovaries looked normal, uterus looked normal so it doesn't appear to be a cyst or endometriosis. I don't have a fever, no blood in urine, no burning while peeing. Everything is normal except for the pain. It hurts more when I am gassy, so my dr thinks it might be bowel (diverticulitis/-osis or whatnot).

Does anyone else have this? My dr thinks I should wait until this is resolved before I try again for another pregnancy, but all my tests are negative (although they are still testing my stool for blood). It's not a normal pain so I'm not keen on brushing it off as "just one of those things." I doubt it's round ligament pain since I m/c so early. I am in good shape too but am losing abdominal tone since it bugs me to work those muscles.

Your experiences are very much appreciated! Thanks!

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