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Relevant Posts: Whooping Cough Vaccine in Pregnancy

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Couple of test
An_220010 posted:
My boyfriend and I thought I might be pregnant. So I took a test and it was positive with a faint line. So I waited a couple days and took 2 more one was positive and the other was negative. So again I waited couple more days and took one. This one was positive kinda. The line was very very faint. So I'm really confused on if Im pregnant or not. I'm not ready to ask my dr/boss yet. Can anyone help me on this. This will be the first time I've been pregnant if I am.
Thank you
hc1087 responded:
The only way is to go to the Doctor and get a pregnancy test from them.
An_220011 responded:
Have you tried a digital test? Those are a little more expensive, but I prefer to either see "Pregnant" or "Not pregnant" rather than trying to analyze lines and figure out if they're dark enough. If you have, and your period still hasn't come, you probably need to get a blood test.
mykadavis replied to hc1087's response:
I work for a dr and I use 3 test from here.
mykadavis replied to An_220011's response:
Oh ya I've tryed 3 from the dr office and one from the store. I havent got the digital ones.Maybe Ill try that one tonight. I still haven't got my period so I just alittle worried I guess.
sdadkin replied to mykadavis's response:
Even a faint line is a positive test! It just means that you aren't very far along yet. I am 38 weeks pregnant as of today and the first test I took this pregnancy was right before I was supposed to get my period and there was a very very faint line. It would be extremely rare to get a false positive. Congratulations Mama!!
melissa5583 responded:
I had a chemical pregnancy in November and the line stayed very light. It was positive, but the line never got darker.
In February, I had a light positive as well. But 2-3 days later, I took another test and it was definately darker. A week later, it was darker than the control line. I would recommend calling your doctor and asking for bloodwork. My hcg was less than 2 when I had the chemical pregnancy (a week after the 1st light positive). The 2nd time, my hcg doubled correctly and I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant!
mykadavis replied to sdadkin's response:
I really hope it means we are having a baby. This is what I've always wanted so I'm praying its true. I took a couple more test one was positive, one was negative and the last one was a faint line agian. This is why I'm so confused on it
mykadavis responded:
Well I went and had a blood test done today and they said it was negative so the lab said they would do a more extestive(SP) one to make sure since I had so many test that were positive. Thanks for everyones in put. If we arent pregnant I guess it will happen when it does but I'm very sad and heart broken.

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