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opinions on crib mattress
Linzcast posted:
What's every ones opinions on using a used crib mattress? a friend gave me her son's but then I started reading about sids and they warned against it but with no specific reason.
ma9410 responded:
Call us "horrible" but we have a used crib that was at my grandma's house. It was built in 1989, and still works great! We are also using the used mattress that came with it. It is an all plastic mattress. We of course know and are related to everybody that has used the mattress. That is just what we are doing.
phoenix31674 responded:
The problems with used mattresses is that they get dirty over time. Depending on how it was stored, it may have mold inside that you can't see. And now with bed bugs becoming more prevalent that is something else to worry about them hiding in the mattress. It's also possible there could be other allergens in the mattress.

As for used cribs, it is important to check the distance between slats (it should be no more than 2-3/8" to prevent the baby from getting injured) and make sure all the parts are there and that it can be screwed together tightly. Technically you should not be able to buy a used drop side crib anymore, but if you have one, you need to inspect the parts on the drop side to ensure that they are not worn and they fit tightly and the side drops easily. Honestly, I think rather than outlaw drop side, they should have legislated the parts be metal which is much less likely to break than plastic, but that's just me. I have a fixed side convertible crib.

Truthfully, I think the $100 to buy a decent new mattress is going to be a good investment. This is something your child can use for the first 4-5 years since they fit in toddler beds and cribs. Better to have a new one that you know should be free of mold, pests and allergens.

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