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Menstrual disorder's and the pill
CRASHiC posted:
Hello, my lover suffers from a menstrual disorder, and though I forget which one in particular, I was just making sure, she uses the pill to treat her vastly irregular and painful cycles, but does she still gain the added benefit from the pill of not being able to get pregnant? Or for some reason does her disorder combined with the pill making her hormones balanced make it so that she can get pregnant?

This seems like a silly question, but I just really need to be 100 percent sure.
cjbaby69 responded:
Well I have had some menstrual problems as of a few years ago and what the pill does depending on what the case is for is regulating the mentrual cycle as well as relieving symptoms of some PMS that can really be uncomfertable for both sexes if you have to be around that person. The pill corrects hormone levels and cycles alike in other words. Since no birth control is 100% she can get pregnant but not likely if she is using it correctly. If not then there is a very high chance she will get pregnant still. Back before they started using birth control to keep women from getting pregnant they used in in another way to help get a woman pregnant which is y a womans dr. will make sure she knows to use it correctly everytime. Once she stops taking birth control and her body gets back to normal then if there are no big fertility issues she will be able to get pregnant. I really hope this helps you with the answer you need
CRASHiC responded:
I believe it does, but just to be sure, I'll restate and clarify my question just to make sure we are talking about the same thing.

Does the fact that she is taking the pill for to fix her menstruation disorder (symptom: months before period, period heavy and painful) decrease the pills effectiveness in stopping pregnancy in any way?
An_256668 responded:
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