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mbritt posted:
Will a doctor induce after 38 weeks? I've heard they will between 38 & 42 weeks.....
mwhite80 responded:
Doctors dont usually talk induction until after you are past your due date, 2 weeks past due is the logest they will let you go in most cases. Talk to your doctor if you have any other questions that is what they are there for. Good luck
mbritt replied to mwhite80's response:
Thank you. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but figured i'd ask anyway.
phoenix31674 replied to mbritt's response:
Doctors prefer not to induce unless you are past your due date (generally 1-2 weeks) or unless you have some sort of health complications. Induced labor is generally more painful because you get hit with a high dose of hormones rather than having your body gradually increase the level and there is a higher risk of having labor stall to the point of needing a c-section becasue your body just wasn't ready to deliver.

But it is good to ask your doctor under what conditions he would prefer to induce.

With my first they were going to set it at 42 weeks - I delivered at 41w 6 and she was so big we probably just should have induced at 41w. Even though I started naturally, I stalled and they used pitocin anyway. I ended up going to emergency c-section because she had a very large head and was stuck in the birth canal with her cord around her neck. For my second the doc said if I went late I would be evaluated on my due date and would be induced no later than 41w, but they do it differently in Germany and use a suppository to induce rather than pitocin IV so it more closely mimics natural labor.
Robert O Atlas, MD responded:
There has been a big push to no longer recommend induction of labor before 39 weeks unless there is a medical or fetal indication for delivery.

There is new information which suggests a higher risk of complications to the newborn. CMS is now in the midst of preparing to alter payments if an elective induction occurs prior to 39 weeks.

Many physicians no longer allow a patient to go beyond 41 weeks and plan on induction at that time. There is a slight increase is complications to the fetus if allowed to go beyond that time, but there are some who will allow the pregnancy to go to 42 weeks.

If your cervix is closed and not ready for delivery, allowing the pregnancy to continue would be a reasonable decision.

Don't plan on your physican inducing your labor before 39 weeks unless there is a good cause.
lizardladypeapod replied to Robert O Atlas, MD's response:
Glad to here that Dr's are now waiting. I'm near southern Ohio and several, I mean SEVERAL women I know have routinely been induced early (for no reason). My sister-in-law's Dr. wanted her to induce at 38 weeks. I ask her why does your Dr. want you to go 2 weeks before your due? She said, no reason. She wasn't thinned or having contractions or anything (she never had the first contraction). I talked her into waiting and she was induced at 39 weeks instead of 38 (again, for no medical reason). Her doctor pretty much said "There is no reason for a women to be pregnant after 38 weeks" WOW
candy352 responded:
It depends on the doctor and what is going on with you during the pregnancy. I was induced at 36 weeks, but it was due to my diabetes and her growing small.

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